kissing u

17 year old harper isnt the most popular girl at school but one day when she meets the new kid her life will be changed forever


1. A/N

Sorry guys this is really not a chapter just I wanted to say please no hate just keep it to yourself if you dont like the story and this is my first story so please no saying like "you have really bad grammer and spelling and that like your story sucks"and stuff like that because no one needs to hear that stuff just no hate please.And I really hope you like this story I already know the main charactors names but if you would like to be a charactor I will just say the charactors are....... Louis gf,Liams gf, the bullier, and the main charactors best friend. So I will chose, then I will update a new chapter and I will say if you dont get picked dont be sad I am going to chose the first person to comment that they want to be that person so all you have to do is comment what your name is , what gender and age you are , what you look like and who you want to be so please comment back soon so I  can update

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