My day

My favorite day in the whole world is Valentines Day. Of course the only day I would ever want to get married to my favorite person in the world is on my favorite day. Today I will become Mrs. Harry Styles and live happily ever after with my prince. Who would have ever guessed that my other favorite thing would come about the very same day. Trust me it was so unexpected and shocking, I wasn't quite sure what to think. But, at the end of this eventful day I realized it was all I ever wanted. All on my favorite day.


1. the day

My heart was in my chest. I heard the song begin to play as an arm as hooked around mine. "Ready?" my dad asked me in his proper black suite. I nodded, not trusting my own, soft voice. Looking down at the soft, silky, white fabric covering my big belly, taking a big breath to ease my nerves. The doors of the hall opened. Looking up, I locked eyes with the dark orbs down the isle. Slowly, I marched toward him to the beat of the tune that had been played a million times. I didn't take any notice of the hundreds of people watching me take this walk. My dad held my hand out to him and Harry took it whole heartedly. I stepped closer to him, forgetting the existence of my father. "Dearly beloved..." was all I heard, then I was lost in his eyes. Harry's smile never left his face as he said his soulful words to me. The sound of his voice was a constant in my mind, yet I wasn't fully aware of the full words he spoke. Thoughts of our journey together rushed through my mind. From the first day we met, meeting the rest of the boys, getting to go around the world and get to watch him do what he loves, to our first kiss, to our moving in together, our engagement on the top of the Eifel Tower, then finding out we were having a baby, then all the little thing in between. Suddenly, I was nudged in the back as my cue was up. "Oh, I do." I stammered a second too late. He chuckled, knowing how nervous I was. Heck, I was shaking so hard in his hands. It seemed to go so quickly. I placed the ring on his finger, repeating the words that were spoken to me by the priest. Then, his long fingers caressed my face as I was taken into a passionate kiss. Harry was sweet, yet strong behind himself and he pulled away too quick as we were sent back down the isle as "Mr. and Mrs. Styles." Yeah, it sounds really short and fast, but that was exactly what it felt like. It was as if I was totally lost in our own little palce high abouve the world and only came back for certain parts. Down the hallway and outside, I was welcomed by the photographer that I had just seen a few days ago. She came up to us, a hand out to shake. "Congratulations." she smiled having her hand lost in Harry's grasp. "Thank you." It was as though he was singing he was so over joyed. "Alright, well, since it's also Valentines day, I brought over the red love seat for you guys to take a seat on." Olivia, our photographer, said, gesturing to the piece of furniture. I smiled and nodded, "Sounds great." I told her. Harry squeezed my hand and guided me to the seat. I eased my hand around my large bump from our little baby and sat down. "Are you comfortable?" He asked low in my ear. "Yeah, I'm quite fine." I assured him. A flash was illuminated over the dim lighting around us. I looked up at Olivia, "Sorry, but I thought that was a great photo opp." she shrugged. I giggled as Harry and I moved around the lovely, love seat, getting pictures I couldn't wait to see. "Teddi."  Harry said to me. I looked up and met his eyes, "Yes?" I asked him. "I love you." he smiled. I smiled back, his eyes started to twinkle in the new found darkness around us. "I love you to-" then panic washed through me as I just realized what had happened. A big pool of clear liquid came seeping through my white dress onto the leg of Harry's dark trousers. My eyes widened as I was doubled over in pain "OW!" I exclaimed. I wrapped my hands over the large lump on my stomach. A shear streak of pure pain shot around my lower stomach and down my spine. Harry, without a word, he took my small hand in his and guided me to the car. Olivia followed behind us. He almost ripped the door off the hinges as it opened and we climbed in. "AH! OW!" I screamed again. Man, these things were painful.  "Paul! The hospital!" he shouted to his large security guard, who today was the a grooms man and chauffer,  who was in the drivers seat. "Why? What happened?!" he asked loudly. "Just drive!" Harry yelled to him. Paul left it at that, sticking the key in the ignition and slamming on the gas. People were starting to look on at us from cocktail hour, confused looks in their now distant faces. "Ahh.. Ow! Ow! Ow! I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Harry still had a grip on my hand. He didn't care if I squeezed the blood out of it. Actually, he wanted me to, offering me both hands to take support for. Olivia had taken her mobile and dialed up the hospital. "Yes! She's in labor!" she yelled into the phone. "How do I know?! How do I know she's in labor, wait a few seconds!" A moment later I let out a loud, "AHHH!" as another contraction came about. "Yeah, THAT is how I know she is in labor!" The car came to a halting stop. "What happened?" Harry asked Paul. "Traffic jam!" he threw his hand up and wacked the car horn. "Were stuck!" I sighed heavily. Everyone was yelling and I was getting annoyed. "What are we to do?!" Olivia panicked and then they all started to yell back and forth. "Alright, Alright! ALRIGHT!" I screamed, making silence wash through the car. "All of you just shut up! You guys are yelling more than me, and IM the one having a baby! Now, you talk to the people on the phone," I pointed at Olivia, "You drive and try to get us to the hospital as quickly as you can manage with out killing us all." I pointed to Paul as he looked at me from the review mirror. "And you," I pointed my finger at Harry who was watching me intently, "Sit here, take my hand and tell me everything is going to be just fine and that the world is NOT going to end!" I took a deep breath as another pain shot through me. Some how, Paul sticking his head out the window and yelling, "MOVE! She's having a baby!" worked tremendously as people allowed us to maneuver through the bunch of cars. Harry's eyes never left my face. With one hand, he was letting me almost rip it off his body and his other hand was rubbing circles in my lower back while whispering. "It's alright, everything is fine." I looked up at him a few times and he would keep brushing the hair from my face. "Your beautiful." he would tell me. I felt like complete crap though. Pulling into the ER side of the hospital, we were greeted by a doctor and multiple nurses. I was rushed from the back of the car, onto a gurney, and down the corridors. We were whisked into the closest room and I was instructed to lay down. It all happened in a blur. My dress was all around me and I was instructed to push. I did as I was told, not taking any notice to Harry until I heard a faint cry. "It's a girl." he smiled at me. I looked down ad I watched her being taken away. "Darcy." I breathed.

Harry's POV:

"I think we'll go get some food." Niall said standing up. "Alright." I nodded as Liam handed Darcy back to me. "Thanks man." I said to him. "Sure, want anything from Nando's?" he asked. "Yeah, just get me what ever." I told them, placing my attention on the little thing in my arms. "Okay, be back soon." Zayn said as they walked out. Teddi stirred in her sleep. "Hey." I said lightly, knowing she was now awake. "Hi.'' she said sleepily. "Sleep well?" I asked taking a step closer to her. "I guess, better without a huge lump in me." she chuckled. Her eyes directed to our little girl. "How long has she been asleep?" she asked. "About an hour or so. You just missed the boys. They'll be back with Nando's in a few, but they absolutely adore Darcy." I smiled at her. In her eyes, I suddenly felt a sense of assurity, like I was home even though we were in a hospital. She had a warm ego around her that I was placed in and I could just tell Darcy felt it too as she nuzzled her face closer to my chest. "Can I see her?" Teddi asked me. "Of course." I smiled. I placed our small angle in  her arms. She lit up at the sight of her. Looking up, she met my gaze. "Happy Valentines day, husband." she smiled to me.  Brilliant. This moment was absolutely brilliant. Everything I could have ever asked for cam true; of all days, it was the most romantic, special, and now favorite day of the year. My eyes were soulfully locked on hers. They shone of gold and green. As if they were a delicate sunflower. "Happy wedding day, Mommy." I smiled wider as I placed a long kiss to her sweet lips.


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