Valetine's Day With One Direction

This is for Valentine's Day With OneD competition. It would mean so much for me t make it to the top ten, because not only would I have won a competitition, it would mean my writing is worthwile and enjoyable.
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1. Valentine's Day With Niall Horan

     Today was the day. It was February the 14th, Valentine's Day. The one day where I can forget about my horrible life and celebrate my friendship, my one friendship, with a girl named Sierra Emily Nill. My life was disasterous. My parents were never at home, and I really mean NEVER. Every single kid at shcol xcept fo r Siierra hated me and made fun of me. And the worst part, I'm mute, I can't talk.

      I'll tell you the reason behind this. Everyone at my school taunted me and, one day, I had just had it. I lost my pride and self confidence. I was terrified. I couldn't go bak to school. I wouldn't. I was so terrified, my voice wouldn't come up out of my throat to talk. It refused. And it still hasn't come out to be heard.

      I eventually went back to school, after plenty of coaxing from Sierra, and many letters home from school. I couldn't talk, I was stil hated, but I had come back to school. I wouldn't fail grade 10.


And 2 years later, my voice is still hiding.


     My name is Emerson Rose Knight, and I am 15 years old. I live for Valentine's Day. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and I am pretty tall. My face i dotted with freckles, which on me were once thought of as adorable, and are now thought of as ugly. 

     I have little self esteem, no pride, barley any self confidence. But I do have something good; a friend.  


     So anyways, today was Valentine's Day.

I was in my room, brushing my hair in front of my small bathroom mirror. I was wearing red Toms and black jeans, and a pink and red heart covered shirt to celebrate Valentine's Day. My iPod Touch rang out it's timer, and I ran downstairs, grabbing my iPod along the way.

      Just as planned, Sierra was waiting outside my door at 9:00am. I opened it for her and put my coat on. "Hey, come on hurr, we have to get to the airport on time!" She squealed. I rolled my eyes and followed her to my car after grabbing a messenger bag with an outfit and bathroom necessities stuffed in it.


     Our plan for today was go to the airport, go to London England, our favourite place ever, and spend the night exploring the city. We would fly back home tomorrow after checking out Nandos.

     Sierra drove and we hopped out of the car and ran to the front desk. We got our tickets, and as we wer running twards our plane, we saw the noticeboard. It read:


     Sierra groaned and I pouted. We slowly headed back to the car, but Sierra stoppe to go to the bathroom. I waited outside and sat on a bench, devastated. Apparently I looked devastated too, becuase a blonde stranger came over to me and sat beside me. "What could possibly wrong with a beautiful girl like yourself?' He asked in a sweet Irish accent.

     I pulled my notepad and pen out of my messenger bag and scribbled:

   'I'm Emerson Rose Knight. I'm mute. Me and my friend Sierra mised our flight to London. No biggie.'

     As I wrote the last sentence, tears slid down my cheeks. I huried to wipe tem away, but Blondie noticed. "I'm Niall Horan, from One Direction. And I happen to be headiing back to London to meet the boys. By private jet. I could take you and your frined to London, no cost." He offered.

     Wow, I must have been really upset if I didn't recognize him. Eh. Who cares.

     I wrote: 'If it's okay, I don't want to bother you at all.' He read it and said "No, it would be fine." At that moment, Sierra came out of the bathroom. Niall explained everything to her and she follwed us to the jet.

     On the way, Niall took my hand. He looked at me, as if to ask 'That okay?' I smiled to show him how okay it was.


     The flight seemed short. Too short. Nit enough time to ge to knw Niall. Maybe it was becuase my writing was horribly messy and Nialll had a hard time reading it. Or it was short becuase I was actually enjoying myself for once. Either way, it was too short.

     When we arrived in London, Niall asked me if I would like to go to Nandos with him. I nodded, and Sierra decied to go find a hotel we could stay in.


     Niall was super sweet, and he was so nice, He didn't judge me becuase I couldn't talk. Didn't think I was ugly.

Soon Sierra came back "No luck. All of the hotels are booked." She announced to us, stealing one of my chicken wings. I swatted her arm and she giggled.

     "You can stay at my flat if you'd like." He offered genorously. I smiled my thanks and hugged him.


     He finished up his food and drove us to his flat. It was biggish and cozy. I liked it.


In the evening we were all watching a movie on the couch, and I was cuddled up against Niall. The movie was nearly over, and I was glad. It was a horror movie, and I hated them becuase I couldn't scream at scary parts.


At the very end of the movie I hugged Niall tight. "I love you, Niall." I said, loud and clear.

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