Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


1. Chapter 1


**Ellie's POV**

"And Sammi D'Lauriz kicks the ball to Lauren Martin who passes it to Ellie Parkerson who then sends the ball flying into the goals! Right past the goalkeepers hands! And this sets the game! The Hammersley Angels win by 4 points! That was the goal of the century ladies and gentleman, we have a new champion in our midst! Ellie Parkerson folks, shes one heck of a football player. We expect big things from her! Now dont forget the big game againt Cor-" 


I groan and roll over in my bed to peek at my alarm clock, 8:00am already?! i roll back over onto my side and cover my face. That stupid alarm clock just ruined the best dream i'd had in a long time. But then it wasnt much of a shock, nothing good good happens to me and if it does it usually doesnt stay long. 

"ELLIE! GET UP OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL AGAIN!" Mum shouts from the kitchen.

I sit up and swing my legs out of bed to stand up. It's best not to make my mum angry, she was in the military for most of her life but then when i came along she became a vet. I suppose its kind of a good thing really because even though the life in the military is exciting for her, she would never of been able to spend much time with me. I walk over to my wardrobe and look at my clothes, i'm not exactly one of those girls who dresses for comfort. I like to look good and for me there is no limit for how many items of clothing i own unlike my sister, i dont know if i can really call her a sister though because shes not even my sister. She's my step-sister, her dad married my mum. Her dads nice enough but he's very unaware to the fact that his daughter isnt the perfect angel he thinks she is, infact she is the one who has been grafitiing the school over the weekends. Every weekend she breaks into the school and spray paints some kind of feminist statement all over the lockers, im not going to tell anyone though because we have a deal. I wont tell if she covers for me when i sneak out. I finally decide to wear my denim mini skirt with a flowery singlet i got from Paris earlier in the year. 

"What's for breakfast?" i ask as i walk into the kitchen to join the rest of the family which basically is just my mum Linda, my step-dad John, my step-sister Julie, our dog Truffles and moi. 

"Well your delightful mother is making us pancakes!" John says with a little bit too much enthusiasm.

"I'm guessing you like pancakes then John?" I joke as i playfully punch his arm.

He just nods and laughs. We're a pretty good family i must admit, we dont really have any fights between us but thats mostly because we hardly see each other due to jobs and school and all. 

"Right well you guys enjoy your pancakes because i really have to go, see ya!" I joyfully say as i grab a banana to eat on the way to school.

"Dont you need a ride? I'll be happy to drop you off?" Mum calls after me as i walk out of the front door.

"Nah thanks, Jazz's mum is taking us. but thanks!" i shout back just as Jazz's mums' car rounds the corner and pulls up onto our driveway. "Bye guys! have a great day!"

I get into the car and Ed Sheeran is playing on the radio, i smile and begin to think something about this day is going to be great. Ed Sheeran is my idol and so hearing his songs just before i go to school is going to put me in the best mood for the whole day.

"Heya Ellie Bellie! How are you?" Jazz's mum says as i buckle myself in.

"I'm good thank you, how are you Mrs G?" i reply with a smile.

"I'm very well thank you for asking. But you know you can just call me Sue, Ellie" Mrs G replies with a wink.

"Okay then, Sue" I laugh back. "Hey Jazz, can you help me? i want to do a side fish-tail plait but i just cant get it, seeing as though you want to be a hairdresser would you mind doing it for me?"

"Sure thing!" Jazz replies excitedly, she reaches into her school bag and pulls out a hairbrush, hair ties, hair spray and a flowery headband. 

Jazz finshes plaiting my hair to the side in no time and then shoves the flowery headband onto my head, she puts her compact mirror infront of my face and says "What do you think?!". I look at my reflection and my eyes grow wide, my light brown hair is perfectly fish-tail plaited to the side with a few strands of hair left out to frame my face and the flowery headband is crowning my head bringing out my natural blond highlights. All in all the whole hairstyle brings out the things i like about myself, my small pink lips, green eyes and rosy cheeks. 

"Oh my god Jazz. Your a legend. I absolutely love it!" I squeal as i check myself out a little more before Jazz takes the compact mirror off of me. 

"Hehe, your welcome!" Jazz replies with her beaming smile.


"Yo Jazz! Ellie!" a voice calls out as we walk to our second period class. "Wait up!" 

We look behind us and Connor is running towards us with an excited look on his face and colourful papers in his hand. 

"Hey Connor, whats happening?" I ask with a smile. "You seem very excited!"

"Yeah i am! You'll never believe it! I just got us all invited to a Seniors party!" Connor says quickly with a huge grin on his face. 

"Oh my god, no way! Who's is it?!" Jazz asks while shaking Connor back and forth by the shoulders. 

Connor pushes her away and fixes his messed up hair before answering her question.

"Well it's Alanna's party, i saved her in the hall earlier on this morning. Mr Dubwan came to school drunk again and he was hitting her up so i told the principal and she was so grateful she gave me an invite and then i asked for two more for you guys and then yeah so that's basically what happened"

Jazz and i both burst out laughing, we both wipe the tears from our eyes and look at each other and start laughing hard again.

"What?! It's true! thats what happened!" Connor said clearly hurt by our reactions to his story.

"Aw, im sorry Connor. I dont mean anything by it, its just so funny!" I saw inbetween giggles.

Connor rolls his eyes and walks off


As we were walking out of the school doors to go home Jazz suddenly stops.

"I'm so sorry Ellie! i forgot! I have an emergency swimming practise at the pool today and so i told mum not to pick me up until later, you can stay and watch if you want? I'm really sorry it completely slipped my mind" Jazz says with a sad face.

I put my hand on her shoulder and say, "Jazz its okay, i would of forgotten too. Especially after all the good news about the party we shall be attending this weekend" I say with a wink. "I'll just walk home, its not that far and i need the exercise. I'll text you later!" and with that i leave Jazz standing there and walk off down the road. 

I didnt get far before i started to question my sanity, not far?! not far?! was i really that blind to the fact that there is a reason i drive to school every morning. By walking home i was probably getting a head start on exercise because football training starts next week but still i probably shold of taken the bus. 

A car drove up beside me and beeped.

"Hey love, do you want a lift somewhere?" a voice called out.

I was about to tell them to shove off when i turned and saw who it was driving the car. He was gorgeous, he had light brown hair that was swept to the side and he was wearing red pants which i considered odd because guy dont normally wear that sort of stuff. 

"No thankyou, i think it would be best if i walk but thanks for the offer" i reply politely and continue to walk.

Something about him looks really familiar but i just cant put my finger on it.

"Oh c'mon, im just trying to be nice. I wont go away until you accept my offer, ill follow you where ever  you go" He says with a cheeky grin. 

I roll my eyes and turn to face him.

"Fine!" i say. "I'm sure one ride cant hurt" 

The guy smiles and leans over to open the door to his car, i get in and eye him suspiciously.

"You seem really familiar, do we know each other?" I say with a frown on my face.

"Well i go to Hammersley High School and im guessing that where you go too so you've probably seen me around a couple of times. I'm Louis, i'm a Senior" He replies. "Do i turn here?"

"Yeah turn here and then the next left" I say. "Well that makes sense as to why i think i know you from somewhere. Im Ellie and its my second year at Hammersley so im not sure what that makes me" 

"Haha, well then Ellie i guess that makes you a Sophomore." Louis says with a smile.

"Uh just here thanks, the one with the red door" I quickly say.

As Louis pulls up onto the drive he says "I really like your door, red happens to be my favourite colour"

I laugh and say "Who would of guessed?" while gesturing to his red pants.

I get out of the car and turn around to grab my bag from the cars floor.

"Well thanks for that, it certainly helped me out a lot" I say.

"Thats okay, happy to help" Louis replies.

I turn and walk away from his car and up to the front door.

"Hey!" Louis shouts out. "What are you doing next weekend?"

"Well actually i was going to go to Alanna's party" I shout back hoping he'd get the hint that im busy.

"Cool, me too. I look forard to seeing you there then." He says. "See ya later Ellie"

And with that he drove off down the road, as i walked through the door mum came rushing up to me without a second to spare.

"Who was that young man in the car who dropped you home? Do you know him? Did he touch you?" Mum asks questioningly with a concerned look on her face.

"No mum no, he didnt touch me at all! He's just a friend form school who gave me ride home because Jazz had an emergency Swimming practise" I reply with an annoyed tone.

I wish my mum wouldny be so nosy all the time, she's very controlling sometimes. I dodge around my mum and make my way to my bedroom, as soon as im inside i lock my door and start on my homework. Why did i take Spanish?! I hate Spain and the homework doesnt even make sense. I'll just ask Jazz for the answers later, i promised to text her anyway. I thought about Louis and how he said he looked forward to seeing me at that party, i didnt trust him one bit. He is a senior afterall. Maybe i shouldnt go to the party? i'll just let Jazz and Connor and and i'll pretend that im sick. But i cant let Jazz go alone, Connor wont exactly stick with her. He'll just go off and try to impress some Senior girls just like he always does, Jeez that boy is obsessed. My phone vibrating on my desk broke my thoughts.

'Hey Ellie Bellie, swimming practise was so boring. How was your walk home? xoxo Jazz'

I sighed and probably spent about half an hour texting her explaining what happened.

'Oh my god Ellie we are so going to that party! there is no way we are not going! You have to see him again, no buts. We are going. xxJazz' 

I groan, Jazz can be so stubborn sometimes. There is no way on earth i am going to that party and there is also no way i will be seeing that Louis guy again.

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