My Cinderella Story

A girl named Alice is artistic and very creative. She is shy sometimes and never goes out and hang out with people. When her friends and everyone else start to call her only child hood friend Harry her "Knight in shining Armor" and her the "Shy Princess." She doesn't understand what they mean. One day Harry askes her on a date and say's yes but no one knows what happened afterwards. Will the date go good or end horribly wrong?


1. How i came to be

                                                                                 Alice's P.O.V

    Hi my name is Ali also known as Alexis or Marie. I'm a princess you could say... People always say that i need to work on how my attitude and also talk to people more. It's not my fault that i'm this way! Well, actually it's all my friend Harrys fault because he never let me say much. He was always the one to help me when bullied for being short or pig faced. Even though i never had a pig face. Harry was also the one who saved me like a prince. When we we're little people thought we were supposed to be engaged when we turned 18 but that's false. I had always made him read me fsiry tales they were so amazing. The Prince and Princess were always my favorite. Thats why they think we're Pincess and Prince at school because he always reads to me. "Teddy Bear wake up already" the nickname Harry gave me. "Huh?Harry please don't make me go to school" i had asked. "Just stay home with me" i had pleaded. "No.Now get dressed ok" he had said lovingly. Today was the day of the First Monday of the week. Unfortunately.... After my shower i had got dressed in skinny jeans and a long shirt that looked like a dress. As we left the house I waved at my grandmother and said Love You. Like always in the morning. Getting out of the car Harry said " Let me help you my Princess." He half smiled which was cute as could be. "Thank you knight" as he stood up i kissed his cheek. "Thanks Harry" i whispered in his ear. Waving bye i walked to class to see my friend JoAnn sitting with Louis my brother. "Hey Louis did you see grandma today" i questioned him. As always he just smiled and shoock his head and left to class when the bell rang.


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