it was all a lie

elena was about to get married but her fiance cancells the wedding telling her that he never loved her and that she was cheating on her the whole time. elena passes out devastated and is rushed to the hospital. she learns that she is pregnant. what will she do? will she have to raise her child alone?


1. lies and happiness

As I walk down the aisle is my perfect dress,in the perfect location, towards my almost perfect man. I see his smile drop and as I think that he starts walking towards me he walks straight past me and towards some girl and makes out with her right in front of me.   My perfect smile, my perfect day ruined in an instant. I slowly walk towards the kiss that should've been mine after we said our I do's. my dad rubs my arm and as I gradually walk toward the end of the aisle I tap my almost husband Michael on the shoulder his face turns towards me and smiles and to my surprise he chuckles. 
"Look Elena truth is that I was cheating on you the entire relationship with Maria and I never really loved you."
The next few moments were a blur but I do remember is my dad came up and hit Michael and knocked him out, then my brothers started hitting him too, the last thing I see is a sailboat on Lake Michigan and then it all went black...... 

I wake up in the hospital in the uncomfortable gowns with the back wide open. I see my family by my side. My mom is sleeping and I can see that her eyes are puffy from crying. A doctor walks in my room.
"Welcome back ms Elena you have you family quite a scare a couple hours ago"
"May I ask what exactly happened?" My voice is rather horse and very raspy since i haven't had water all day. The doctor notices this and gets me a glass if water.
"I think that ill let you family answer that one" I his name tag ready R. Shultz  and with that he leaves the room. 
"Hey sweetie how are you feeling" my mom asks whil rubbing my arm like she always does when something bad happens
"I guess I'm alright I'm just trying to piece what happened a few hours ago. Is that right? That I've been passed out for HOURS?"
"Yes that's right baby girl. You passed out after Michael... Well called off the wedding." The words sank into my skin and stung like fresh burns from a hot pan. It all came rushing back to me all at once. Michael telling me that he never loved me, him breakin my heart, my dad kicking the living shit out of him, and me a ball on the floor from just the initial shock of it all.
"Hey guys can I have some time alone I just need to let all of this sink in."
"Sure darling" my dad kisses me on the forehead. He takes my sister and two brothers out of the room. My mother just curls up with me for about five minutes and then leaves me to think.
As soon as the door shuts I break down. I can't control the years from falling from my eyes then to my cheeks and fall into oblivion. I ask myself why did he do this to me? Was I not good enough? No! Stop it!! You are good enough! You don't have to cry over him he is an asshole! After this I just become numb. I sit there with no emotion no movements I grab the tv remote and turn it on. I start flipping channels and land on superman. It's the part where superman finds Lois dead and is so angry with the world that he turns back time just to have her with him. Why can't that be me? Little girls are tricked into believing that they will have a knight in shining armor and will have no problems to come along with that 'love'. My thoughts were interrupted by a nurse coming to take my blood work.
"Okay darlin I know we already did this but we just want to double check a few things"
"Wait you already took my blood?"
"Oh I must've forgot you were still passed out when I took it the first time."
"Well why do you want to take it again?"
"Um... We just want to double check some things... Just to be sure" she gives me a fake smile she reserved for those people who are about to get bad news.
"Is there anything that I should know? Since you know it is my body"
"Miss right now we just need to confirm some suspicions first before we tell you anything."
"Okay well I would like to know as soon as the tests are done."
"You will be the first person to know" it makes me kinda scared to find out what the test is for. I mean the blood work can confirm several things but which one? My sister comes in my room and just gives me a hug. She starts to cry. 
"Emmy you don't have to be sad for me."
"Elena I'm not sad for you I'm so angry at Michael for doing this to you he just.... ARRGH! I don't know what's wrong with me!"
"It's okay to be angry. I know I am. Oh and do you know who this Maria bitch is?"
"Well she is Michael's assistant. She is friends with one of my friends but I didn't know until the it was already too late."
"I think that dwelling on the past will do not do me any good. Even though I hate the bastard we do not know his side."
"Elena you act as if this whole this is you fault! Well I refuse to sit here and let yourself blame you for his mistake"
And she left me with those words still in my brain. She was completely and utterly right. I was blaming myself for his actions! The doctor comes back in with a rather somber face on and I know that it cannot be good news. I count how many times I can hear my heart pounding through my chest..... One....two....three.....four
"Okay miss Elena no need to panic I can hear your heart pounding from over here, but you blood work did reveal certain irregularities, but not at all any type of disease. It has revealed that........well you are in fact pregnant."
"Exuse me?"I ask again in utter disbelief
"Yes you are about 9 weeks in" I think back to the sex that me and Michael and me shared nine weeks before out wedding. It was just like the many times that we had shared this gift from god but that specific time I felt that we were more connected, and as one persons in two bodies. Did he ever love me? Did he ever want me in the way that he so clearly wanted his mistress? 
"Okay before we proceed with this discussion what are you planning to do with the baby?" I think hard for a couple seconds... Abortion is out of the question!...... Adoption? I am 25 and I just don't know I'm about to become a teacher at elementary school, and I just don't know if I'm ready for that step in my life..... But people who I don't know taking my baby that I carried for 9 months will be unbearable. 
"If you are having a hard time deciding what to do and if abortion is out of the question then I always give a checklist to my patients who are thinking about adoption."
"Okay well can you give me that checklist?."
"If corse" the doctor hands me a questionnaire about three pages long. I start to do the first five questions and realize that I can take care of my baby! I have a job, a sufficient source of revenue, I'm older than 25, and I have a very supportive family. 
"I think that ill keep the baby" I say to the doctor with complete confidence."Okay I am going out to tell your family that you have something rather important to tell them, now in the situation that you're in they might not be happy with your decision you have made put it rather gently and try to say it with a straight face . I will bring in you mother and father first and then after them you can tell your siblings." The doctor exudes himself from the room and brings back my mom and dad who look really worried. 
"U don't have any diseases I just have something to tell you and I need your full support on this, and I will be fine. But do you guys trust me?"
"Of coarse we do Elena!! But we are just worried about what you will tell us."
"Don't worry I can handle this okay...... Well I'm pregnant." I can see their blank stares and their mouths drop wide open and then their mouths turn into smiles, they get up and come over to hug me. 
"Congratulations honey! The father is not the best guy but let's hope he is active in helping you." My mom says to me. 
"Are you sure that you can handle this right now darling?" My dad says with his thinking face on 
"Dad I'm not sure but I feel confidant in my decision!"
"Okay sweetie we will support your desision but what about your job? You will be just starting."
"Dad I can handle it I know you say how hard it is but ill take it one day at a time."
"We'll I don't know what you did with my daughter but since this morning you really are an adult."
"Thanks dad"
"And I'm ready to go home" 
"Okay baby lets go home" my dad says soothingly I can tell how happy he is that he will have his first grandchild.


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