What Will I Do...

Ali is about to travel to London to move with her dad, who is doing a story on one direction. Unfortinatly she doesnt like them as much as her friends Stella and Emily. SHe brought her friends because her dad gave her 2 extra tickets which is awesome! When her dad says she has to go to school with one direction and become a stalker she freaks out! When she meets Liam and he knocks her stuff over their eyes meet. Will they fall in love or will they just ignore it forever?


1. Next time i go alone...

   Once again I have to choose between my mom and dad. As always I picked my dad Daddy's girl. Of course my mom was mad as usual and said "Alexis Maria Makay Why don't you love?" Thats my life my mom always mad at me for no real reason how dumb right? Well i get to bring my 2 best friends Stella and Emily. There awesome but for some reason my dad gave me 2 extra tickets so i guess that mean't bring other people so i did. "Ali are you even listening to me anymore" Stella said. I blinked and looked around "we there yet" i asked. She gave a big sigh "No but we'll be there in like 2 minutes so wake up!" She was just excited cause my dad was doing a report on 1direction famous band that i don't care about. WHAT! You say but, there amazing! I know, I Know im not from another planet. I always get hit when i make fun of them for no reason how mean right? "The plane has landed please come visit us next tim please" said the flight attendent. "Wow" i said. "How desperate can you be?" We had to take a 15 minute drive because we needed to eat, then we saw this huge mansion 4 blocks away from my dad's house. "Do you think thats wher one direction lives" said Emily. I just sighed and ignored the house i had seen it so many times i didnt care anymore. I knocked on the door and saw my dad he didn't change at all yet again neither had I. "How are you doing sweetheart" said my dad. "Good just happy i don't have to live with my mom for awhile" i said relieved. "Oh thats right dad meet my freinds Emily and Stella they said they would love to help you with your report." He laughed and they both got mad. "Sorry girls... Wait actually you all can" my dad said with his big "i have an idea" face. He looked at me and said "Maybe with all your cute faces i can get my report done!" "No way dad your crazy i won't help you with that" i said. "Please Ali lets do it pretty please!" Said Emily and Stella. "Fine but if i get called a stalker I blame you all" i said. They just hugged me and said thank you.

   What will she do next? Will she meet one direction and help her dad? or just let her friends do the work? (I do like one direction just so you know.) :P

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