Why Can't I?

My name is Lake Vayntie. I'm a normal 18 year old girl. I really love music, art, and books. I must admit I'm a little on the nerdy side. The awkward, people shy, rather have books then people, kind of nerdy. Then I meet a guy...


1. Hello, I'm Harry, Harry Styles.

Why? Why? Why? I have so many questions that can't be answered simply. Like, why the Earth is Round? How we, humans, exist? Or the big one, why I agreed to go to a party? I hate parties. What was I thinking when I said yes? I wasn't thinking at all. Rubbing my eyes, I decided to get ready.

First a quick shower. Well not that quick, I need to shave and wash my hair. That's going to be fun. Why am I so sarcastic? "Ugh!" I groaned loudly, with Rainie's face in my mind. My best friend that convinced me to go to a freaking party. I grabbed my Ipod and rolled my eyes at it. Stupid Ipod. Tapping furiously, I found my favorite song of the week. I smiled, a little bit relaxed at the sound. 

20, dripping wet, minutes later, I'm out of the shower with my pixie cut hair dried. Starring at my reflection, I wonder if I'll meet a guy. Not just any guy, the guy. The guy I can lose my V card to. Wear his hoodie. Watch movies with on rainy days. Not in that order, god no. 

But what guy would want me, Lake Vayntie? My looks are not that great. I'm a little chubby near my stomach. One plus is, I have fairly good sized breasts. They're not that big, but not small, either. Mmmmm. I turn away from the mirror. I can't stand looking at myself, despite my name. Oh, the irony.

I walked hesitantly to my closet. What would Rainie wear? I bit my lip and pulled out a little dress, tinted a very light green. Mint green, to be exact. Not too slutty, not too formal. I slipped the silky dress on to find it gathered perfectly around my waist. My toes started to wiggle in excitement. Doing a happy dance, I slipped on my silver strappy heels. "PERFECT!" I yelled, forgetting my neighbors only 5 feet away. Oops, oh well they can deal.

Makeup or no? I don't like makeup. I feel like I will stab my eye with the eyeliner. Knowing myself, I probably will. With a debate going on in my head, I finally settled on a natural look. By the time I was done I was grinning ear-to-ear. Wait! What time is it?! No! Crap its 8:58. I was supposed to be there by 8:25. Well Rainie, I will be fashionable late, then you can yell at me. I laughed out loud before hurrying to get out the door. Purse in the passenger seat, keys in the ignition of my bright red Kia Soul, soon I was hauling ass to Madison Dublin's house.

3 ran red lights later, I turned the corner to be greeted by light, blaring music, and intoxicated people. Great! I don't even drink but I will be surrounded by drunk people. Oh, Rainie! Why!? Lake, get your game face on. Suck it up and do this for your semi-famous best friend. A chilly wind it me when the car door opened. Goose bumps formed all over me in seconds. 

"Buzzz! Buzzzzzz! Buzzz!" Gosh dang it! Stupid smart phone. The screen flashed in my face, momentarily blinding me. I could feel my eyes adjust. Very creepy feeling. A text from Rainie, joy. 

"Heeeyyy Babe! Where are you!! Hotties are here!!!! They are mighty fine! xxrain"

She couldn't possibly be drunk? But Lake, she is. I don't want to babysit! I don't even want to be here! Ugh! Why am I yelling in my mind? I'm crazy, but not as much as these drunk people. Drunk people! I need to find Rainie! My heels made weird clicking noises as I ran up to the open door. The smell of beer was so strong I could get drunk by breathing. Yanking arms and hair, I found Rainie sucking faces with a blonde dude. A very hot dude. Not a doubt in my mind they were going to his place afterwards.

Turning around, I ran smack into a firm chest. I murmured a soft 'sorry' knowing the person didn't hear. Curls tickled my cheeks.

"Do you like my chest, Love?" Sexy british accent. Curls. Tall. Firm chest. I like this dude, and I haven't seen his face yet.

"Sorry-" I look up into the most stunning pair of green eyes. "Umm..." A noticeable gasp slipped from my lips. He was my dream guy. Soft lips. Straight teeth. Dimples. Could he get any more perfect? Probably not! "I'm Lake, Lake Vayntie." I stumbled over my words. Heat rose, not only in my cheeks, but 'down there'. 

"Nice to meet you, Lake. Lovely name. Mine is not as lovely. Hello, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." I smiled when he copied me. Adorable! "If you would like, I want to be you a drink."

I nodded, at a lose of words. Long, warm fingers slipped into mine, pulling me toward the bar set up in the dining room. I had to bite down to not scream in joy. A very hot guy was holding my hand! Soon, sadly, Harry dropped my hand to help me into the bar stool. His large hands on my hips, so right. He cast a sidelong smile at me and ordered for both of us. My heart summersaulted and landed in a knotted mess of emotions. I was very aware of Harry's shoulder right next to mine, and the way his hand rested right next to mine. Did he like me?

My thoughts were interrupted, "Tell me about yourself, Lake. If you're comfortable with that?"

Aw, he was is polite! Rainie would be jealous! Did he ask something? Oh yeah, about me.

"Well, Harry, When I was born my mom didn't think out my name." He chuckled at this. "I have a 3.7 average. Love books, music, and art of all kinds. Um, I'm a nerd. My best friend is Rainie Carter."

"Wait! You know Rainie Carter?"

This took an unexpected turn. "Uh, yeah. Why?"

Harry smiled at how clueless I was. "Rainie Carter is dating my best friend-and band mate, Niall Horan." He gave me a cheeky grin.

Everything clicked. Rainie's sudden interest in One Direction. Mysterious dates. Never being at the apartment. Everything, Wow just wow! Little jolt of pain hit in my elbow. My 'drink' was sitting in front of me. Am I really going to do this? The beer, I guess it was beer, was stale and burned my throat. Harry sipped his drink, while mine disappeared. Soon I was on my fourth.

"Lake? I think thats enough. You look like your going to puke."

The room was spinning. I giggled hysterically. "Haarry. Your cute when your worried" I raised my hand to his face and stroked his face.

"I'm about to get really cute, Love." I giggled as I pulled his face towards me. With alcohol coursing through my veins, I felt extremely brave. "Lake.." Harry moaned onto my lips. "Don't...stop." I grinned. I planned on going full speed. I kissed along his jaw line and down his neck to his collarbone.

"Lets get out of here." Without speaking, he wrapped his hand around mine and led me to the door. "My car. End of the block. Live 15 miles 'way." Did that make sense? I felt like I was speaking German. My tongue. My fingers touched the warm, wet thing in my mouth. Tongue is a funny name. Where am I walking? Is the ground supposed to shake? Next thing I know my knees are hitting soft grass. I used my free hand to pull at the grass. Strong arms encircled around me. 

"Come on, Love. Almost to the car." Harry carried me bridal style.

"Are we married, babe?" I covered my mouth to prevent more flying out.

"Do you want to be?" His voice lowered a little as he glanced down at me. I beamed bright enough to light a football   stadium.

"Yes. Who wouldn't? You're perfect. Too perfect. But very hot. Tall. Hot." Harry grinned and rolled his eyes.

"I guess we can be married..." He chuckled to soften his words. Clapping with joy, I kissed his chin. 

"BEEP! BEEP!" I glanced at my car, now unlocked. I frowned at the red paint. 

Harry opened the door and carefully placed me in the passenger seat. Acting like an adult, he fastened my seat belt and swiftly closed the door. I crossed my arms as he walked across to get to the drivers seat. One look at me, and he laughed.

"Lake, look at me." I turned my head. God he was beautiful. "Where do you live?" He pronounced each word carefully.

"Oh, silly me! Maybe I should drive. It's only a few miles over on Oliver Street. Wait, or was it a few states over. My apartment! Where's my beautiful apartment on Oliver Street? It's only 3 stories high. Not high at all. And in that expensive apartment building!" Giggles tumbled out of my mouth. I couldn't help what came out.

"Oliver Street, Hadden's Apartments, Apartment 3. Got it." Harry smiled and winked. Oh sweet jesus. Harry Styles, The HARRY STYLES, is in my car! Why is he in my car? Oh, who cares! 

I must have blacked out, because soon enough I opened my eyes to see my ceiling. What the heck? Ugh, my whole body hurt. Um, why is there someone in my bed?  Ok, this is . . . weird. 

I cleared my throat. God that hurt. "Hello? Hey? Get UP!"

The curly head stirred. Two green eyes opened and stared at me. "You're not going to throw up again? Please no."

"What are you talking about? And how did you get in?" I glanced around, looking for a broken window or some sign of forced entry. I starred wide-eyed at the mysterious boy.

"I'm Harry. We met last night at a club. Your friend Rainie Carter is dating my friend Niall Horan. You got drunk and I drove you home." He saw the look of alarm on my face. "No, no we did not have sex. But you did ask me to stay with you and I held your hair as you threw up." Harry pursed his lips thoughtfully. "You move a lot when you sleep and you talk in your sleep."

"Um . . . ok. Thanks, I guess. This is a lot to take in and I have work to do." Harry's eyes fell in disappointment. I felt instantly bad. "But, I work at home, and you can stay as long as you want. I can rent movies." Shrugging, I was at a loss of words.

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