Is this is dream?

Jasmine just got her heart broken. When Valentines Day comes her friends*cough cough* One Direction invites her to spend the day with them on Valentine's Day. Little did she know sparks were going to fly......


1. Valentines Day

     I woke up with heartache again. I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and found Harry Styles on the other side. He barged in and said," I told you Jasmine! He was a jerk! Didn't I tell you that he would leave you broken-hearted?!" I nodded and felt tears run down my cheeks. He looks at me and says, "I know you have been crying, I see you mascara running Jasmine." I clutch my heart feeling the pain even more. It is like  the world is splitting in two right in my chest. I look up at him and say, "Harry you don't have to yell at me I know! It was a mistake!" I start to walk away when he grabs my shoulder, " I'm not trying to yell at you, Im just saying you deserve better Jasmine!" I shrug and say,"Harry who? No one is good enough for me! You always complain about that! Harry just please go enjoy your Valentines Day. I'm not going anywhere i'm to heart-broken." Harry whined,"Awww! Come on Jasmine your said you would come with the boys to the party!" He gave me the puppy dog look and I gave in."Ugh fine Harry!" I laugh and he said,"Go get changed love." I went into my room and and changed into a long sleeve shirt with a heart in the middle. I squeezed into my black jeans and put on my uggs. I have had a crush on Harry for as long as i have known him. But, I didn't want to tell him i liked him and ruin our friendship. I sighed knowing he doesn't feel the same way. When I walked out I saw Harry waiting for me,"Come on love we have to go to the party." I grabbed my coat and he grabbed my hand. All of time stopped, I felt a warmth grow through my body. His hand was as soft as a cloud. I wish this would never end. Harry turned,"Jas you okay? Your staring off into the distance like this." He mocking me, I laugh and hit him in the arm. I shiver, London is so cold in February. I watch my breath fly away into the sky. Harry hits me and I snap out of it. Why am I such a love-sick puppy today?"Why do you keep zoning out Jas this isn't like you." I reply, " I have no idea Harold." I laugh and his cheeks turn red. He pulls up to the party. My fingers tremble at the sight of my ex boyfriend. My eyes start to water and I guess Harry noticed. "Don't let him bring you down Jas, he's a jerk." We get out of the car and I see Niall running towards us. "You made it Jasmine!" He hugs me and I laugh, I have missed the guys. They have been away alot and i have been a love-sick puppy. When we get in Eleanor and Louis are laughing by the door. Harry guides me in more and I sit down. He looks down at me and says,"JAS! Get up and come dance!" He pulls me up and we go dance. 

    The next few hours went by fast. I hung out with all of the guys but Harry was always with me. Then, Harry pulls me outside."Why are we outside Harry it's FREEZING!" I say shivering, he looks at me and says,"Jas just listen, I don't trust anyone out there to date you. I'm afraid they will break your heart. Jas I only trust myself with you." I look up at him shocked at what I just heard. Please let this be real! I blush feeling my face warm up. He looks down at me and smirks. What is that cheeky boy thinking? Then, he swoops in and kisses me. I felt the whole world light up with sparks. Time stood still, I felt the warmth of the kiss trickle through my body like a leak in the roof. I felt my heart skip a beat. I got on my tippy toes trying to reach his height. I put my arm around his neck and he puts his hands around my waist. He pulls away and says," I love you Jas, ever since the first day of our friendship.' I look at Harry and say," I love you Harry ever since that first day in Middle School." He leaned in and kissed me again, but this time the Valentines Day fireworks were going off. I would have to say best kiss a girl could ever have. But, one question remained in my head, Is this a Dream?



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