I Love You, Too.

Emily is alone on Valentines day. Harry's busy, of all days.
But then, there's a surprise.


1. The Surprise.

He's not here. On Valentines day. The most romantic day of the year and I'm in my bedroom, alone.
I sigh tapping my fingers impatiently on the wooden draws staring at my reflection. I pick up my phone re-reading the text telling me how sorry he is that he can't be here.
Gosh, I love him so much. Why can't he just be here.
My phone rings suddenly, it's Isobel.
"Hello." I say rather wearily.
"What are you doing, I need your help... Urgently." She chimes down the phone happily. I don't understand why so happily because if it's so urgent surely it's a difficult situation.
"Well, I'm not doing anything," I say playing with a lose tendril of my hair. I watch myself in the mirror, "What do you need Izzi?"
"Come down to the Bridge on Park Lane. I've lost ... Mac." Her dog.
"Again?" I chuckle down the phone and stand up. "I'm coming, wait I'm not dressed," I shake my head to myself grinning. "I'm coming ASAP."
"H-Hurry." As she puts the phone down I'm sure I hear silent laughing.
I shrug it off and stick my hand in my wardrobe, I grab my Jeans and Loose white top. I look at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and brush my teeth. Letting my blonde hair fall down my back, I apply a small amount of Mascara.
Hey, maybe it's a party? Whatever. I don't want to go looking like a carnivore.
As I stamp down the stairs I call to my mum.
"Mum, I'm going out for an hour or so, I have my mobile." I run my fingers through my hair and walk out the door quickly.
I open the gate and walk down the lane.
I quickly send a text to Harry.
'I miss you so much, eh. ILY xx'
Sighing I walk over the hill, surrounded my trees and bushes. My park.
I see sight if light. Candles? No. It's 9 at night. As I get closer I begin to make sense of it.
As I come round the bend see him. In a dark jumper and jeans. Hanging loosely on his hips. His hair all over the place, as per usual.
"Harry!" I run to him and jump into his arms, I take his brown curls into the grasp of my right hand. And kiss him.
"I thought you weren't coming." I stutter.
"Suprise...?" He grins like a school boy. My school boy.
Then I look around at the bridge. The candles. The lake streaming leaving a pure fresh smell.
"It's beautiful..." I smile and look around. I notice his sight is on me.
"I did something like this for a girl when I was fifteen. Lets just say, she didn't get out the door, failure," He watches me. I can still see how bright green his eyes are even in this light, "I Love you."
I poke his nose.
"I Love you too, Cupcake face," I chuckle and jump down from his arms, "Thankyou, Thankyou this is... Amazing..." I grin, "Isobel, where is she?" I laugh and look around.
"She went home," he whispers, "To give us some... Privacy." He smirks and leans forward, kisses me tenderly. Then, I'm taken away to a totally different planet.
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