Her first love to be born

Candy just realized, she is an angle. As she instantly fell in love, with the school rebel. Which automatically means, her grade goes down. Her teachers are in huge shock!


1. I've never felt this way before...

Candy felt her precious ears begin to sprout as the grandfather clocked chimed midnight, signalling my new daily transformation. As I finally realize I'm no mortal.  My hand turned into pearl, peach skin , as it lustrous with my reflections. I looked at the mirror.  I was inconspicuous, my legs held high towards the sky, I felt a figure approaching beside me, or was I in heaven? I shut my eyes rapidly begging, this was all my imaginations going wild. My looks were perspicacious eloquent, once I was in heaven. This isn't a dream; this is all for real, that's for sure! 

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