Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


27. To soon, To fast

Justin's POV:


I wasn't paying much attention to the movie. All my focus was on Brienna. She looked so beautiful just lying there watching the movie. And when she laughs its the most wonderful sound to my ears ever. She notices me watching her and smiles. I smile back at her. I lean in to give her a kiss on the cheek. She turns her head and holds my face in her hands and begins to kiss me. It was the best feeling ever. Felt like sparks flying and fireworks. I went weak at the knees. She had that affect on me, that it was over powering. It makes me melt a little bit each time. Her hand ran up and down my chest, they felt like ice. Sent chills up my spine. Things were getting pretty heated. We were now laying on the couch, I was on top of her. Kissing her with passion. I could feel how she was so cold under me. My body heat was radiating off of me. I move my lips away from her lips and begin to start kissing her neck. She starts to moan as I suck on her neck slowly. My lips found there way back to hers. My hands slid down to her shirt and started to unbutton her shirt slowly, then slid off her shirt. She placed her hands on my chest, then slowly lifted my shirt up over my head. I started to kiss her again. She ran her hands down my arms. I slid my tongue into her mouth again. Everything in the moment was so hot. I just wanted her so bad. I've never felt like this before with a girl. My hands slid down to her shorts and I began to unbutton them slowly. Then she pulled away from me. 

"No Justin... I can't.... Just not now.." She said softly. 

"I'm sorry Brienna I didn't mean to. Fuck!" I said. We were now sitting up.

"It's not your fault Justin... It's just me. I'm sorry..." She said. 

"No it's ok Brienna. It was to soon anyways..." I said.

"It's just with everything happening right now and..." She said but trailed off. 

"And what?" I asked quietly. 

"Nothing" She said blushing. 

"Aww come on tell me. Please!!" I said. 

"No..." She said. 

"Please, Please, Please, Please!" I said. 

"Fine..." She said. "But don't laugh at it..." She said. 

"I won't. I pinky promise" I said. 

"Ok... well I have never done it before..." She blushed before covering her face with her hands. 

"Is that why your embarrassed? Brienna there's nothing bad about that. You've just been waiting for the right person." I said. 

"Yeah well most people my age have already done it." She said. 

"So big deal. That's there life not yours. It's ok , seriously." I said. 

"Have you ever done it before?" She said quietly. 

"Yeah but I regret it. It... just didn't feel right. Like I wasn't happy, I guess." I said. It was true all the other relationships I've been in didn't ever feel right. I was never truly happy. Unlike Brienna... there was just something about her that captivated me. 

"Oh" She said then looked down.

"Hey its no big deal really." I said lifting her chin up. She smiled. "Want to go to bed or something?" I asked. She nodded and smiled. "Ok. Come on then." I said smiling at her.

"But I don't have any pj's..." She said. 

"You can always sleep in your clothes or naked." I said laughing. She hits me on the arm. "Ow" I say chuckling.

"I'm not going to do that crazy!" She said trying not to smile. 

"Ok, ok. I might have some baggy clothes for you." I say smirking. 

"Fine with me." She said. 

I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for her. 

"Where's your bathroom?" She asked. 

"You can change in here, I won't look. I promise." I say smiling at her. 

"No Justin. Where is it?" She asks again. 

"Fiiinnnneee just go out the door and make a left." I tell her. 

"Thank you." She says leaving to go change. 

"Your welcome" I yell back. I hop onto the bed and start to check my phone. Hmmm... I got an idea. I started to take my shorts off and t-shirt off, of course I left my boxers on. I laugh at my idea. I wonder what her reaction will be like. Ha oh well. I got under the sheets as soon as I heard her coming back and pretended to sleep. She turned off the lights and got into my bed. I waited a couple of minutes then turned and wrapped my arms around her. She still felt like ice her feet and hands too. I slipped my hands in hers. I like being able to keep her little body warm. I was beginning to fall asleep when she asked me a question. 

"Are you wearing clothes?" She asked.

"Umm.. yes." I said trying not to laugh. She turns around and checks to make sure. 

"Justin wear did the rest of your clothes go?!" She says laughing. 

"Some where..."  I said chuckling. "Do you like?" I say laughing more. 

"Oh jeez Justin..." She said. "Just don't get any ideas." She said before turning over again. 

"Whatever you say babe." I say smiling. I wrap my arms around her again. "Goodnight" I tell her kissing her goodnight. 

"Night Justin" She says smiling. 

She falls asleep in my arms first. Wow what a day today. I was exhausted surprisingly. It felt good to have someone laying beside me in my bed. It's usually been just me in my bed for a while. I really hope Brienna agrees to moving in with me... I love having her by my side and her scent ahhh. It's so wonderful. I kiss her again on the cheek, then fall asleep. 

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