Finding luv

Turdlisah Arif Varkaur Butterbuns a butt-ugly middleschool girl is the only one in her age group who doesnt have a boyfriend and she tries to find one, and her name and her looks ruins her life


1. A Fail For Turdlisah

Turdlisah Arif Varkaur Butterbuns just started school again and shes in the eighth grade. Knowing that her schoolmates all have boy friends but her. As she walks through the hall having people shun her she stumbles across a blind boy who just transfered to the school. She thought to herself "maybe I actually have a chance maybe I wont be an outcast and have me being the only one". Turdlisah walks to him with hopes of finally having a boyfriend. She first has a little conversation with him and they both laugh then she asked him will you be my boyfriend  just when the sun comes through the window shining bright and the light reflects off of her button into his eyes and he regains sight. He is so thankful for what happened thhen he saw her face and asked her for her name and she whispered slightly "Turdlisah" then he vomits on her shoes than dashes off without saying a word but leaving a trail of vomit behind him while saying thank you for giving me the gift of sight but I cant  I just cant then after she sees him the next day she walks up to him then he runs off again. the next day she goes to the principals office and asked about him and the principal says that he moved yestrday  then she has quite a shock bacause she sadly sadly knew why the poor guy left well he isnt poor he got his eyesight back and hes able to see for the first time.

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