Going In The Right Direction

There was only one way that i wanted to spend my valentines day. With my best friend, Niall Horan. Yes, he is in one of the most famous guys in the world, but i have known im since we were 5. If only he knew how i actually felt.


1. A Little Stable-ity

The bell rings and awakens me from my deep thoughts about Niall Horan, my best friend. and my Crush of all crushes. I have loved him as a brother for my whole life, but recently, due to being on tour, i have started to really miss my other half. We have been inseparable since kindergarten. I know that he is one of the sexiest pop stars their is, but i kinda have had dibs since he could walk.

I close up my heart-filled notebook and headed out the door, laughing at all of the evil stars that I receive daily from 1D lovers. The try to whisper in the halls, saying stuff like 'Keenan just thinks that Niall likes her, but he doesn't'. But in reality, i know more about the whole band that their managers.  I have seen more weird and extremely awkward moments with the guys than the paparazzi can think of. I could write a book about all of the bizarre occurrences that I have  encountered. But me and Niall, we are pretty much closer than glue. When he is home, we spend every moment we can together. And I love every minute of it. But who wouldn't though? It's Niall Horan! I am lucky enough to be that one person that makes him smile. One of my favorite memories of him was when i had gone back stage and put a note in his dressing room and when the show was over, he went in, saw it and laughed. I wrote "try not to get too drunk, Lil' Leprechaun". We have this joke that when he was little, his mom gave him beer and that causes him to act so obnoxious around  people. I love that boy, in more ways than one and i love watching girls think that they know everything about the guys.

Niall is off in Paris for a concert this week. he won't be back until February 17th, three days after Valentines Day. I really wanted to talk to him on today. I haven't seen him in over a month and its already the 14th of February. Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year. He calls me all the time, day or night. But when I last talked to him, he seemed really.... Odd. Not quite himself. I figured that he was just tired or nervous, but when he forgot my birthday,i knew something was wrong. He has never forgotten anything between us. He even remembers the day that i got my wisdom teeth pulled out. i think that he is hiding something and i really wanted to ask him in person. People say that i should wait until he gets back, but i want to talk to him about us. I know that there is no "us", but I want there to be. And I want to know if there is something there. I continue to walk down the hall, thinking about all the memories that we have together.

I arrive at my locker and I check my phone, wondering if I should grab my coat or not before i walk home. It says that it is a warm, 71 degrees out in Ireland and sunny, so i leave it there. I put my books in my bag and start to head home. The 3 mile walk takes me no time. I go to the mailbox and check to see if the starchy letter has come, telling me that Niall is waiting for me, at the Eiffel Tower, and won't come down unless i am there. There is no such letter, so I close the door and head to the barn. 

I open the red, hardwood door, leading into the old, rustic building, holding our famous Irish hunters. They are asked for my people all around the world, due to our amazing bloodlines. Only the best for the O'Riley family.  The all whiny as I walk past them, recognizing who I am. I go over to my horses stall, Trigger Happy. He is my second best friend. Trigger is my big, black baby. He always wants me to stay with him at night.

I grab him an apple and head over to him. I pet his head and he nudges me, almost like he know how I feel. I fed him his apple and go to the tack room to get his saddle and bridle. but before i even reach the door. i see that one of our mares is missing. Spell Bound, our only Dun horse, is missing. She is one of the most reckless and important horses that we have. I need to find her or in dead! No one has ever ridden her except me and Niall. But he is in France so he can't have gotten her out. I saddle up Trigger and we are out the door in a flash. I check all of the pastures and the head out to the trails. I can't find her. the barn was locked from the inside and we have the best security system that money can buy. there is one place that I haven checked, but she would need a rider to get there.

I take Trigger up the hill side and to a fast running stream. No one knows how to get here but me, Niall and my family. Trigger can tell where we are going though because his ears perk up as soon as I get to the stream. I'm taking him to the waterfall. The waterfall where my families ashes are buried. there is a cliff, 20 feet from the ground, and it has a stream running off it, causing a giant waterfall. The forests surrounding it are all old and tall, grabbing at the sky. The forests go on for about a file, until you come out to a clearing, a green, grassy field. It is the most beautiful places in the world. We get there and I spot Magic (A.K.A.-Spell Bound) under the falls. She sees me and walk over. She has a saddle on, the one that Niall uses. I take her and tie her off on trigger and start towards the falls.

I hear something as I walk under the running water. My Swiss Army Knife rests in my pocket, ready at moments notice. I see a white daisy lying on one of the wet rocks. Daisy's are my favorite flower and no one knows that,not even Niall. i pick it up and then spot another one off  a little ways. I turn and check o the horses. They are drinking the water, but Trigger looks up at me, knowing that I was looking at him and almost nods at me, saying that they would be fine. God, i love that horse. I go to the next daisy, picking it up and smelling it. I feel eyes watching me, but there are woods all around me. i walk down one of the many trails, towards the clearing. it is getting darker. I look at my watch, which tells me that it is almost 7pm. My parents are off at a horse show, so if i die, no one will ever find me. Great!

The trail ends and its getting colder. i am in the field and there it a light a little ways away. I walk towards it and I see... A picnic. There is a picnic set up, with the rest of the daisy's. something comes out of the woods. I turn and see Niall standing there with a daisy in his hand. I gasp. My breath catches and I stand there in awe. He walks to me, hand extended. I can't move. It final clicks that he did this all for me. The picnic, the daisy's. He laughed. it must of been because of the look on my face.

"Wha- What.... What are you doing? Here? There? Everywhere!" i ask.

"I am here to talk to you, Keenan And to have dinner with you." he tells me.

"But. But i thought you were in France!"

"I was. I left and came here. to see my best friend. It's a Valentines Day gift!"

Friend zoned. Again. Come on!!! "Well i can tell that you left. But why are you here?"

"I told you. To see my best friend and talk with her. Is that so wrong?"

"Ummm.... When you steal my horse and don't wish me 'Happy Birthday'. Yes. It is."

He sighed. "I know. And im sorry. But Magic is the only horse that I can ride. Me and her have a connection. And I completely forgot about your birthday. I am so sorry about that!! My mind was somewhere else." He looked at me with complete sincerity.

"Fine. I forgive you. But i am still mad at you. Your going to have to make me believe that you are sorry."

"Here." He hands me a box. "I got this in Paris. I thought it was you"

I give him a quizzical look, but I take the box. I open it and see half of a necklace.I stare at it.

"I hope you like it. I know its not much. But I thought that we should make it official. We are best friends and we will always be best friends." He holds up the other half of the necklace.

"I am about to tear up,= when i catch a hint of regret in his eyes. "Whats wrong?" I ask him.

"Nothing. I just- Nothing. Never mind. Tonight is all about you." He plasters on a smile before walking to the blanket he set out.

"Wait." I grab him by the arm, spin him around and hug him. A 'thank you' hug and an 'i love you' hug at the same time. he retaliates and hugs me back, hard, like he has been dying to do that.

"Thank you. I love them. And you can hug me whenever you want, OK? I'm always here for you."

He smiles for real this time and we go to the blanket. He sets out some sandwich, chips and cookies. We sit and eat and talk like there is no tomorrow. He smiles at everything I say.

We finish up and we head back to the horses. we find them nuzzled up together, Magic rubbing her head against Trigger. Niall helps me mount Trigger and climbs up onto Magic. We ride in silence. the fireflies and crickets have the conversation for us. and it is perfect. As we get to the barn, I stop, questioning my next move.

Niall stops and asks "Whats up, Keenan?"

I walk Trigger up right next to Magic. I look at Niall and lean in towards him. He follows.

His soft lips are on mine before I can realized what i did. But i couldn't back away, because he grabbed my face holding me in place. He kissed me so passionately that i melted into the kiss. He slowly started to stroke my hair with one hand. supporting me with the other, because if he didn't i wouldn't be able to support myself. His breath tasted like mint and chocolate and I love that combination of flavors. He snaked his tongue into my mouth, slowly. I lightly bit his lip in reaction, which made him groan. He pulled away, looking at me with such intensity, that i thought that i might faint. He smiled. I did too. I just kissed my best friend, Niall Horan.

We continued into the barn in silence, unstacking the horses and putting them down for the night. We walked out and he headed towards his house next door, a mile down the road. i waved good bye and headed to my house.

"Hey Keenan."

I turn.

"Happy Valentines Day. Good night."

The End

Hey everyone. I know that it was a really short story but i hope you like it! comment what you think!!

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