Valentine's Day Girlfriend!!

This story is about me and my friend Cristina meet One Direction on Valentines Day!! Then when we got there Harry an Niall came up to us and they both took one of us !! We were so happy that this happened to us. So I hope that we get to stay with Harry and Niall for the rest of our lives!!
I'm very happy for the people who influenced me to write this story! I hope that u guys pick this story because its very interesting to read!! My sisters professor read it and said that I should get it published and to meet One Direction!! The people who influenced we are: One Direction , my family and my friends!! Thank u all!! LUV YA!!


1. Meeting the Guys!!

Sirena's POV:
It was a beautiful Day on February 14th, 2013. It was the day that I got to meet One Direction with my friend. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to meet Harry Styles .
My friend Cristina was coming with me. She couldn't wait to meet Niall Horan because she loves him the most. When I called her she said,
" I can't wait to meet them all." Cristina explained.
"Cristina get ready I'm gonna come pick you up at 7pm!" I told her.
We were both wearing our One Direction t-shirt's. I was wearing my purple short shorts and Cristina was wearing her green short shorts. White converse completed our outfits. I told my mom that I was leaving to go pick up Cristina. We got there and saw them centerstage. Then, Harry came up to me and said "Happy Valentines Day!" I was so happy. Harry then whispered in my ear saying "I love you and I think your really cute!" He just kept on repeating that over and over again. He loved me so much that he gave me flowers and chocolate for valentines day from him. After he gave me the flowers and chocolates from him he took to a secret room. It was just me and him. He then said " I love you so much !" Then he came close to my face and kissed me on the lips. Since I liked him kissing me on the lips , I just went along with it for 10mins.
Harry then asked me a very interesting question. Harry asked me "Do you want to be my girlfriend Sirena?"
"Yes Harry I love to be your girlfriend Harry !" I answered him.
He was so happy that he told all of the guys and then I went and told Cristina.
Harry's POV:
I'm so happy that Sirena agreed to be my girlfriend. I'm gonna be so happy with her for the rest of my life. I'm gonna always love her for herself and I'm not gonna make her change. I know that she will never change because she's one of those girls that will never change their personality. Ill never change and I know that she'll never change. She will probably love me forever. That's probabliy why I found her in valentines day. No wonder valentines day is the luckiest day for me. Now her friend seems good for Niall because they both love Italian food.
Cristina's POV:
I love Niall so much but I don't think that he loves me. I don't know if I should ask him if he does. I think I'm just gonna wait and see what happens when I go by him. Well I hope he likes me. Wait I'm gonna go back by them and see what's happening with Sirena and Harry now. I wish I could have love like them . But instead of Sirena and Harry . What about me and Niall. I'm by Niall but he didn't say anything . Wait a minute he's about to say something.
"Hey Cristina come with me for a minute please." Niall told me.
I went with him and I was wondering what was going to happen and where was he taking me.
"Niall where are you taking me?" I asked him.
He took me in this secret room where Harry took Sirena. So I was wondering what was goiń to happen.
"I love you Cristina!" Niall said to me.
Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips like Harry did to Sirena. I was so happy. Since I liked him so much I I just let it go for 10mins. Then we got out and we went back by the boys and Sirena. I took Sirena and told her what happened and she was so happy. Me and Sirena were so happy because we got the boys that we wanted. Then me and Sirena were happy but we still loved them for their selfs and know one else.
Niall's POV:
Cristina is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Ill love her for the rest of my life. If she dies I will always have her in my heart forever and ever. I love her so much. But if any guy tries to take her from me I will beat them senseless until they run and cry like a baby. Boys should know better not to mess wih Niall Horans
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