You forgot me

This is a story about two best friends. Sophie Carter and Niall Horan. Niall had a major crush on her last time but they have been best friends since 5 till Nialler got in X Factor. He totally forgot her. When she goes to one of the One Direction "Take Me Home" Album Signing. They meet again. But Nialler doesn't recognized her. He forgot he use to have a best friend before X Factor. Then the feeling comes back when he knows who she really is. Will he leave her lonely for Valentines? [Sophie_Valerie] [1SHOT41D]


1. You forgot me (1SHOT41D)

[Sophie's Point Of View] 

I felt someone slapping my face. I lazily opened my eyes and look up at my friend/roommate,Rosie.

"At last you're awake." 

"What the? Why?" I whined into my pillow. 

"Hey! One Direction signing gurleh!" Rosie said slapping the back of my head. 

"Dang girl! Okay! Okay! Ill get ready!" I said getting up slowly. 

"Ill get you back for that." I muttered as I walked into the bathroom as Rosie went downstairs. I looked at myself. Well. I don't look that bad do I? Straight dirty-blonde hair falling to the small of my back with turquoise and pink dip dyed ends. Light green eyes. Dimpled cheeks. Baby pink lips. 

I am going to this One Direction signing because I wanted to see my use-to-be-best-friend Niall James Horan for at least one time in real life. Not on television. But in real life. I bet he wont remember me. We use to be best friends since 5 until he got in X Factor. I did have a crush on him. I learned to play the guitar so I could be with him when we were bored. We sang together. It use to be so perfect. 

I shake my head mentally. I cant think about this now. I don't want to cry.

I washed my face and took a bath. I wrap a towel around myself and went out to my room. I take out a shirt Niall bought for me the year before he left for X Factor. Its been 3 years since he left me. Neglected me. We both had one each. Mine was light green with a big four leaf clover in the middle. I put on the shirt and a pair of worn out skinny jeans. I walked to my bed side table and took my IPhone. I unlocked it and checked Twitter. 

"@NiallOfficial : Signing later! :)" 

I smiled. I missed Niall. The real Niall. The one before he got braces. I tweeted a tweet on my own Timeline

"@Sophie_Carter : Going to the 1D album signing later. Hope I can see him. :(" 

I put my phone in my pocket and went to my dressing table. I put on abit of  skin colored eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. I then took my gold Supras in one hand and went downstairs. Rosie was sitting at the kitchen table using her laptop.

"Hey. Whats for breakfast?" I asked putting my Supras on the last step and walked into the kitchen. 

"I dunno. You cook." She said still scrolling away on her laptop. 

"What? You woke up first you're suppos- oh fine!" I huffed. I made blueberry pancakes and served one each.  

"There. Where are we going after this? I thought we got backstage passes? Why do I have to wake up so early?" I asked. 

"Don't play 20 questions on me. We don't have backstage passes. You have to wake up so early because we are going to go start lining up soon." Rosie replied eating her pancakes. 

"Fine! I cook you wash. Ill go get my CD." I said and ran up stairs to get my Take Me Home Year Book Edition. After that I ran back downstairs to see Rosie already ready waiting for me. I looked at the clock. 2.30PM. Its still very early. I put on my gold Supras and ran out the door with her. 

I fell asleep while Rosie was driving. When I woke up we weren't there yet. Then I dont know why but suddenly my brain said "Tomorrow is Valentine's day.". I had to take that off my mind. 

"Rosie! Your driving makes me tired." I whined. 

"And your sleeping makes me very entertained." She said sarcastically. I took my phone out of my pocket and checked the time. It was 3.30PM. We were there already. Once Rosie parked the car I jumped out of the car and stretched. The shirt was medium so when I stretched my arms it showed the piercing of the belly button. I saw a few guys staring at me. Well. I was okay. Tanned skin. Slim body. Dream girl. Maybe Huh. Okay! Not trying to brag. Once Rosie got out of the car we started walking towards the place where they had the signings. 

"Rose. I feel like folding my shirt up. Its hot!" I said. It was hot. The sun was full blast! I was already sweating. 

"I know you're sexy but -" I cut her off. "I'm not trying to be sexy! It really is hot! See?" I said as I wiped the sweat of my forehead and wiped it on her arm.

"Ew! Do whatever you like. Anyways it will probably be cooler inside." Rosie said wiping my sweat of her arm.

"Fine then." I didn't fold up my shirt just ran into the arena. I reached the arena and saw so "little" girls. Note the sarcasm. Like 500 of them only. I wasn't expecting this. I was excepting more. I had to remind myself that we maybe living in a small town but there is where all the Directioners are. Small towns. Peaceful lovely quiet towns. I lined up at the back while waiting for Rosie. She came a few seconds later. I was looking around the crowd. Okay. So there were like 100 guys and the others are all girls. You must be kidding me. I hope I don't cry when I see Nialler. I don't know what I'm going to do when I see him. 

I was playing on my phone while holding onto my Take Me Home CD. Rosie was looking around. She looked a bit worried. 

"Whats up Babe?" I asked her. 

"Nervous." She said fake-smiling. I just nodded and looked at the line in front of me. Still like 300 more people to go. We waited for 3 more hours then I got bored on my phone so I turned to see a guy walking towards me. I squinted because he was far. Paul. 


"Hey." He said as he came to us. Hey? Why us? 

"Hey Paul." I said. Rosie looks stunned and nervous at the same time. 

"Sophie Carter and Rosie Jones?" Paul asked. I nodded. He handed me two tickets and walked away. What the? I looked at the tickets.
                                                                  - Congratulations on winning the -
                           - Invites to One Direction's After Party to celebrate the release of -
                                                      -Take Me Home Year Book Edition

                                                   Invitees: Sophie Carter and Rosie Jones 
                                                                      Time: 7PM 
                                                                Venue: Backstage 


I was jumping up and down so happy. "Rosie! Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know we would win this. They didn't tell us the winners." The line was slowly thinning.

       10 more! 
                      9 more! 

                                   8 more! 

                                                 7 more! 

                                                            6 more! 

                                                                           5 more! 

                                                                                          4 more! 

                                                                                                         3 more! 

                                                                                                                        2 more! 

                                                                                                                                     1 more! 
                                                                                                                                                 Its our turn!

I was happy when we got our after party tickets but when I looked at Niall. He changed. Braces. Hair. Everything. I felt tears well up in my eyes. Where is my best friend? I turn away and quickly wiped my tear away and then walk up to Liam first. He signed my album and we talked abit. Then went Zayn , Harry , Louis and then it was Niall. I dreaded it. It was nice to see him again. He noticed my shirt. "Where did you get that shirt? It looks familiar but-" He said and stopped. "My best friend gave it to me." I was telling the truth.But when he signed my album, I looked at the ground.

"Sophie Beatrice Valerie Carter! Don't you dare cry!" I said to myself.

After Niall signed my album, he stood up and gave me a hug. I buried my face into his neck. Doesn't he remember me? He doesn't remember me at all? Not even a trace? I know about the shirt but. I was still hugging him.I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered "Do you remember me?". He pulled away and shook his head. My heart fell. Broken. He doesn't remember me. Sophie Beatrice Valerie Carter! You dip dyed your hair! Oh yeah! "Imagine me without the dip dyed ends." I said still looking at him. He still looked confused. He shook his head.

"I still 
don't remember you but you look familiar." He said still looking confused. I shrugged my shoulders and turned away. Leaving with a broken heart. I felt tears stream down my face. Suddenly I broke into a run and ran away from the arena. I went around the arena and found a corner and sat there. That was when I completely broke down. I was taking deep breaths and sobbing. I cant believe it. He.. He... totally forgot his old life. I will try my best to help him get the memories of his old life back.

My mascara was smeared across my face leaving black trails of tears on my face. I sat there for at least an hour crying. Rosie kept calling me but I didn't answer. I am just.. too heart-broken to think. All that was in my mind was the confused look on Niall's face. I looked around the empty parking lot and tried to clear my mind. It didn't work. I took out my phone and went on Twitter. 

"@Sophie_Carter : He doesn't remember me. :( If you find me passed out anywhere near the arena   pls call Rosie." 

After I tweeted that I saw a tweet from Niall. 

"@NiallOfficial : That was weird. She kept asking do I remember her. She looks familiar but I cant rmb who she is. #awkward" 

After looking at that tweet. I felt the tears come again. I replied to Niall's tweet. 

"@NiallOfficial @Sophie_Carter : I bet you don't remember me. But follow me so I can make you remember me." 

After I tweeted that. Niall followed me instantly. I smiled abit. He really wants to know who I am. I sent him a direct message. 

"@Sophie_Carter : Just answer me. Did you have a best friend when you were young that was a girl?" 

He replied! 

"@NiallOfficial : Yea! Her name was Sophie Beatrice Valerie Carter. Dirty blonde Green eyes Dimples. :) Why?" 

I felt some more tears slide down my cheeks. He does remember me.

"@Sophie_Carter: That girl you saw just now was Sophie Beatrice Valerie Carter. She is now 18 years old." 

Niall didn't reply. Did I frighten him? I looked around while I waited for Niall's reply. It was already 6PM. Rosie is probably with the boys. I was still sitting in my corner outside the arena. I leaned my head against the wall and waited. A few minutes later, Niall replied. 

"@NiallOfficial: Are you Sophie? What happened? Why?" 

I could tell that he was tongue tied. I really do know my best friend. 

"@Sophie_Carter: I am Sophie. I grew up Niall. Just like you did. I was left behind. Neglected by... you. I came out of school and dip dyed my hair. That's why I asked you to imagine me without dip dye but you still couldn't rmb me. :( U really left the old Niall behind. 

"@NiallOfficial: Im sorry. Im really sorry. I .. I've missed you. I know I've changed but.. The old Niall is still inside me. " 

"@Sophie_Carter: Maybe. Maybe the old Niall is still in there somewhere." 

"@NiallOfficial: Where are you?" 

Somewhere around the arena. Haha! I don't know. Search every corner.

"@Sophie_Carter: Ill be coming to the After Party. I just need to clean my self up. Mascara streaks."

I was just telling the truth.  

"@NiallOfficial: Im sorry." 

didn't reply and stood up with my album and phone in my hand. I wiped my eyes and ran to the nearest bathroom. I found it and ran in. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair is still the same and my face! MY FACE!It was covered in mascara streaks! So good for wearing mascara. I cleaned my face at the sink and wiped my face with tissues. 

After that I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. He still remembers me. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and took it out and unlocked it. "1 New Message from Rosie Babe(:" 

- Where in the name of Merlin's most saggy wi fronts are you? Angry Rosie! - 

- Sorry Babe! Was busy weeping! :P Coming now!!(; From the girl who was recently weeping! LOL(;-

After I put my phone back into my pocket I started to walk to the center of the arena where we had the signing. I heard voices. Guess they were there weren't they? I walked a bit faster. When I was near enough to them I saw Rosie talking to Paul and Niall pacing around. I smiled. I was just standing when Paul said with a smile. "Sophie! There you are!" Niall turned to me and a wide grin spread  across his face. I smiled back. This was the guy I really know. The guy I loved since 8. He ran to  me and gave me a long Horan Hug. I missed these Horan Hugs. The one he gave me just now was just a Fan Hug.

"I've missed you so much. I came here today to see if you would recognize me and to see you in real life." I whispered into his ear.

"I've missed you too. Thank you for coming. I get to see my best friend again." He whispered back. We broke apart and I saw everyone looking at us. I blushed and smiled at the ground.

"Harry! You're right! People do smile at the ground!!" Louis said surprised. I looked up and laughed along with everyone else. I looked at Rosie who was still a bit shocked. She didn't know Niall and I were best friends along time ago.

"Sorry Rose. I didn't tell you. Niall and I use to -" "are best friends." I got cut off by Niall who butted in at the last minute. I smiled at him. He was coming back. The old Niall. Rosie just shrugged and I saw tears brimming in her eyes. Was she about to cry? The strong Rosie-who-never-showed-any-weaknesses is about to cry?

"Awwwwww! Sweeeeeet reunion!!" Harry said. I blushed.

"It wasn't sweet in the beginning." I said trying to sound matter-a-fact. Niall had a guilty look on his face.

"I'm sorry Sophie. You changed a lot. a lot a lot. a lot a lot a lot a lot." Niall said still looking guilty.

"Its okay. Its a bit of my fault. Dip dyed hair and stuff. I was hoping you would remember this shirt! - I pointed at my shirt- I almost couldn't fit into it!" I said laughing. Everyone laughed along and Paul gestured for us to go to the After Party but everyone didnt move. Hmmm... Not listening to Paul huh?
My limbs and so sore. Everyone was still merrily talking to each other. Niall was still looking at me. I stretched and the shirt slipped up and showed my belly button piercing. I saw Niall's eyes widen. Oh no! He said to not pierce my belly button. Shoot! I am so gonna get killed. Niall was looking daggers at me. I gave Niall a small smile and ran and hid behind Liam using him as my sort of shield.

"Oh no you didnt do it. You forgot what I told you?" Niall said stalking over to me. I moved around in circles and when I moved I would drag Liam along. Haha! Poor Liam my shield over Niall's anger.

"What is going on here?" Liam said while being dragged to the left and right by me.

"Niall wants to kill me. Well. Not techincally kill. But he is very angry right now." I said in a-matter-of-fact tone.


"I did remember! But you neglected me! You chose music over friends so I chose fashion over friends! Its totally fair!" I retorted still hiding behind Liam.
He didnt answer me. Speechless huh Nialler? I left you speechless didnt I? Proud of myself!

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out still hiding behind Liam.
"1 New Message from Unknown Number"

- I love you. Sorry for choosing music over you. Will you be my date for Valentine's day tomorrow? Nialler<3 -

I gasped. Did he ask me out? Yes he did! Yes he did! I squealed and ran out and jumped into Niall's arms and gave him a swift kiss on his cheek. We were all laughing.

"I will go on a date with you on Valentine's day." I said still smiling as we pulled apart.

Today I got my best friend back. Tomorrow Im going on a date with my crush/best friend. Happiest day ever.


Today was Valentine's day! Yesterday we came back at 2AM. We had so much fun at the After Party. I woke up early like 2PM. That was early wasnt it? I checked my phone. "1 New Message from Nially(;" 
That is what I sometimes call him.

- Morning babe! Hope you slept well.(; See you tonight(: Love you lots! -

- (: Yeah! See you tonight(; Love you too -

I jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom and took a bath. After drying up myself , I put on a baggy t shirt and a pair of turqouise sweat pants and went downstairs. I didnt see Rosie but I saw a sticky note stuck on the couch. I went over and read it.

- Went out breakfast with Zayn.(; I know you would be boored! So The Hunger Games trilogy on the coffee table. You just take it and read it if you're boooooooooooored :P - Happy Rosie(:

I smiled then walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and poured myself a bowl of cereal. After finishing my bowl of cereal I walked out into the living room and went straight and started reading Hunger Games Trilogy. Yup! Im a big big big tribute. Haha!

                                                            * 4 hours of reading later *

I read Hunger Games then when I was on Chapter 10 of Catching Fire when I heard my ringtone (Fall by Justin Bieber) so I ran upstairs to answer it.

Me: Hullo! Sophie here! Who U?
Niall: Hullo! Nialler here!
Me: What sup? Im trying to get ready here.
Niall: Okay I was just checking on you. Because I saw you reading Hunger Games a few minutes ago.

I could hear his smirk.

Me: Have you been stalking me? Are you in the house? Hiding?
Niall: Not stalking. Ive just walked past your house and peeked on you.
Me: Stalker! Okay. If you are anywhere near my house. Get lost now! I want to change! And I am going to pull the curtains CLOSED! I REPEAT CLOSE! May the odds be ever in your favor.
Niall: Oh Well.. I'll let you change then. See you tonight. I'll pick you up soon.
Me: Kay babe! I got to go if you want me to be on time.
Niall: Sure sure. Bye!
Me: Bye!

I hung up and took a bath. After bathing, I towel-dried my hair and took out my dress. - (I'll give you the link in the comments) - and my black boots. I applied some eye liner and skin-colored eye shadow. I applied some beige colored lipstick. I combed my hair and left it in its usual state. I looked at myself in the mirror. I look okay. I took a picture of myself with my IPhone and posted it on Twitter.

"@Sophie_Carter : Going for my #ValentinesDay dinner(: I myself am surprised that I got a date.(:"

Once I posted the picture I heard the door open downstairs. Rosie's voice came up from the living room.

"Sophie! Sophie! Niall is waiting for you outside."

"Sure sure!" I put my phone in a black purse and ran downstairs. I stopped infront of Rosie and asked her. "Do I look too umm.. Dark?" "Nah! You look amazing! Now go!" I gave her a hug and ran out the door. I saw a black ferari waiting outside my house. I smiled when I saw Niall leaning his back to the car looking at my house. I walked closer to the car.

"Hey." Niall said.

"Hey hey." I replied still smiling. He walked over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and opened the door of the passenger seat for me. Aww.. Gentlemen. I blushed and got into the car. It smelled like.. like Niall. Niall got into the car a few seconds later. He started up the car and drove away.

"Where are we going?" I said raising an eyebrow at him.

"Nandos." He said not looking at me. I took my phone out of my purse and went on Twitter again.

"@Sophie_Carter : Mysterious.. Mysterious.."

I put my phone back into my purse and looked out the window. Niall was driving fast. Fast Fast. I leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes. My eyes were tired from so much reading. We were driving in silence for 5 minutes when we reached Nando's. I looked at Niall who looked happy. This kid and his Nando's. I shook my head chuckling to myself. We got out of the car and went inside. The whole restaurant was empty. Hmm? Nandos? Empty? On Valentines Day? I looked at Niall who was holding my hand. He looked back at me and gave me a smile that reached his eyes. This kid. 

"Why is it empty?" I whispere.

"I booked it." Niall said proudly. I raised an eyebrow and we walked to a booth. When I sat down a waitress came out from nowhere and came and took our orders. Niall ordered his Peri-peri Chicken. I order the same thing although I may not finish I could give it to Niall. My garbage can. Haha. Once the waitress went away with our orders I took my phone out of my purse and went on Twitter again.

"@Sophie_Carter : In an empty Nando's on the face of the earth.. with @NiallOfficial.. On V Day.. #creepy"

I tweeted that and 5 seconds later Niall took his phone out of his pocket and looked at it. He smiled and started clicking away on his phone.

"@NiallOfficial : @Sophie_Carter : An empty Nando's............... #boo #imcreepy"

I smiled at the tweet and looked up at him.

"You're creeeeeeeeepy." I stretched out the word "creepy" for an effect.

"I know babe." He chuckled at me. We started laughing then the waitress came back with our food. We dug into our food. I didnt finish it cause I was filled so I gave my left overs to Niall who ate them happily. After he finished we were talking about random childhood things.

After that he stood up from his seat and pulled me onto my feet and took my hand.

"Would you Sophie Carter have the honour of being my girlfriend?" he asked looking into my eyes. I smiled, tears brimming in my eyes. I nodded my head vigorously and smiled at him like a fool. He stood back up cupped my face in his hands and wipped away my tears with his thumbs. His face came closer to mine and then his lips were on mine. He was kissing me! I smiled into the kiss. After that we pulled away and smiled at each other.

"I love you." He said in a whisper.

"I love you too." I whispered back still smiling like a fool.

The boy that I loved since 8 years old asked me out. I am dating Niall Horan. My first love. I just gave him my first kiss. My love. I love him.


A/N: Hey guys! I didn't manage to post this during Valentines Day but I hope you guys like this!(; It took me quite some time to finish this. Anyways. Happy Belated Valentines Day? Haha! (:

Word Count :: 4,098(;







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