Give me luv<3 ~Harry fan-fic~

Juliet Dawn and her sister Violet Dawn, are both into Ed Sheeran.They would kill for him.One day their mom got the tickets to see Ed Sheeran.When they got to backstage, they met one of Ed's BFF's, Harry Styles.What should Violet do after he falls for her.


1. Don't Worry.... <3

Violet's P.O.V

I walked inside my two-story house.I was exhsausted because our teacher,Mr.Copper got mad at us because Josh threw a paper airplane at him.Whew! Good thing I didn't get in trouble today. I watched Juliet get inside squeling something about Ed Sheeran , our role model. I'm Violet, Violet Dawn. I'm 18 and obsessed over Ed Sheeran. My sister Juliet,is also obssesed with him too.We both live with my mum. My dad died of cancer. I sigh and sit on the couch. Juliet comes and says,"Dude, there's a new song of Ed!!!" Me getting up reply,"Really I want to hear it!" We listen to that angleic voice that Ed has. God damnit hes soo hoot!!!!! Anyway, we heard a knock at the door. Juliet opened it saying,"MUM you're back!!!" I walk over to the door and watch my mum getting her luggages.You see she goes to work trips alot,so we really don't see her.We both help her with the luggagaes.We hug her super tight."God you two do miss me don't you!!" My mum giggled. Juliet and I laughed.

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