Me and You

Harry and Aless have been friends since they were children. Harry has been looking for her and Aless has been trying to find dream boy.


1. Up in the morning

Aless's POV I looked at the clock and it was like 6:00 "Why is it so early I mean tomorrow is when I have to wake up early I'm going to turn 18. I got out of bed and walked to the shower. I wore a Blue tank top and over it I put on a blue Hostiller shirt and blue jeans. I went downstairs and ate breakfast it was now about 7:00 am. 2 hours later.........

Harry's POV I got out of bed and it was 9:00 I was off today I looked at my notes on my iPad and it said Aless's Birthday TOMORROW!! I started to freak out I got up and ran to the shower, when I was done I got a white T-shirt and some sweatpants. I went downstairs and didn't bother to eat breakfast so I just grabbed my keys and ran to my car. I got to the mall and bought a necklace and a purple dress and a few bracelets. I paid for the stuff and got in my car. I had to go to the store so I could get some wrapping paper and a ribbon. 1hour later..... I was finally done with the present.

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