Andrea. She's been an outcast since grade school. Judged on her appearance. Well, that's society right there. There's one day each year Andrea hates the most. Valentine's Day. The day where every perfect couple shows their love and compassion. Andrea lost her love three years ago after the accident. She hasn't seen him since then. They were fifteen years old. She can't love anymore, it's impossible. The week before Valentine's Day, he transfers back. It's all the same with him though. He goes back to his popular reputation, the pretty girls, and his spot on the football team. Him and his five best friends reach the top, but this time against her. He won't look or talk to her. She only thinks one thing. Harry. There's someone else this time though.


1. Scarred from Falling

I walk onto the school courtyard looking for a place to sit on the grass. I find a spot alone in the corner of the field beside an oak tree. I quickly scramble across the grass to avoid being seen by the other students. I didn't have any friends so this was my daily schedule. Well, I did before the "accident". They all ditched me and emotionally bullied me. I got bullied 24/7 on my freshman year, but soon stood my ground and they left me alone. I get insults thrown at me everyday. This all started on the day I hate most, Valentine's Day. I used to love this holiday with it's love and luscious candy. I had someone to hold me until it all ruined on Valentine's Day, three years ago. He loved me and we were perfect together. Everything changed within time. That's the first truthful thing I've heard or seen in three years. I was a senior now so my days in this hellhole were almost over with. I was moving far away so I could live my life without being called a slag everyday. I quickly grabbed my messenger bag and took out my new romance novel. Memories of the "accident" flashed through my head as I remembered it like it was yesterday. I was in love and never felt insecure around him. He reminded me he loved me and that I was beautiful every second of each day. I put away my book to be drowned in my thoughts.I regretted every second of each day as the memories struck me. I can't trust anyone because of the epidemic that happened. The Valentine's Day dance was next week and so was Valentine's Day. I always skipped school on the day just to ignore the comments. I made a mistake that day when I could've fought back, but I gave up. I decide to get to class earlier than usual. I stood up and just before I got to the stairs I fell onto the spring grass. I quickly got up to see a familiar face. As I looked closer I collapsed but quickly stood up to avoid being called a weirdo. It was him. The man I'm in love with. Harry.
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