My One Direction Experience

It all started 4 years ago at a One Direction concert... when the lights struck her.... Read on to know what happens in this very VERY short story! (1 chapter)


1. 4 Years Worth Waiting

Zayn's Pov:

  "Stephanie is amazing! I can't believe she chose me over Harry. They were getting real cozy together. Who knew that she thought of me through it all." I said to Louis.

"Mate, she loved you since the start. Haven't you seen the way she looked at you? She looked like a lost puppy who found her owner again. Come on you can do it! There's nothing to be afraid of. She'll say yes for sure!" he says. The smile growing on his face with each word he says.

"Okay, I got this." I take a deep breath in and walk into the room Stephanie and I are sharing. There she is. The most beautiful girl in the whole wide worl-

"Hey Zayn! Hello?" I got snapped out of my thoughts by a pillow being thrown at me. I shake my head.

"Oh hey. Sorry, day dreaming I guess." I smile.

She laughs, "Oh Zayn. You are something alright.."

I laugh and then turn serious, "Come with me." I say grabbing her hand and dragging her to the patio. Wow this sure does bring back memories...


"But Harry, I told you I love Zayn! Not you! I'm sorry." Stephanie ran into my arms crying. I hated to see her like this.

"Come on Stephanie. Let's go on the patio and calm down okay?" I said and led the way. She followed close behind. We just sat there and talked about everything pretty much. It felt good to trust someone and let all of my secrets come out of me. I mean I have the boys but they.... let's face it can't keep secrets.

"Zayn sit next to me." Stephanie says with a puppy dog face. I laugh and move my chair next to her. I look into her eyes. Man do I want to kiss her! No! I can't! Not after what Harry said. Well... she did say she loved me! I leaned in to kiss her. She looked up in my eyes and back down to my lips. Stephanie crashes her lips against mine. We kiss for what seems like forever until we finally pulled apart. Woah that was amazing!

****flashback over****

This is it. I can do this. I looked at her and smiled nervously. This is it. She'll either say yes or no. Let's hope it's yes.

I get down on my knee and pull out a ring with a pink gem in the center of it," Stephanie Mayers, will you do the honor of being Mrs. Stephanie Malik?" I said with a smile on my face.

She was in tears by now, "Yes of course Zayn!" I stand up and kiss her before putting the ring on her finger. Perfect. That's what describes her. Perfect.

Stephanie's POV:

I can't believe he did that! I never would've thought I'd get married at 19 let alone to a pop star!

"Zayn, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Are you joining me?" I said.

He smiled, "In a little bit. I have to go talk to the boys."

I walked over to my bed and slid underneath the covers. Wow so much happened in just 4 years!


"Kayla come on! We're gonna be late for the concert!" I said pressing the car horn. She rushes out of her house with one shoe on and half of her hair straightened.

"Please tell me you still have your emergency straightener in your car?" She said out of breath. I point to the back seat. There's a wireless straightener laying on the seat next to my One Direction CD.

*Skip car ride*

"EEEEK!!!! We're finally here!" I scream.

Kayla is too busy starring in awe at the boys tour bus. I grab her arm and pull her inside. We wait in line for which seems like forever until we get inside and find our seats. Front row tickets baby! I got cut out of my thoughts by some guy on stage.

"Everyone sit down and One Direction will be out in a minute. They are having some.. ughh.. difficulties.." He said and then walked offstage. Wonder what happened..

"Kayla look look!" I said pointing at the left side of the stage. You could see Niall poke his head out with crisps stuffed in his face. I laughed.

"Ladies and gentlemen here they are! One Direction!!!" The screen started counting down from 3...2....1....

"AHHHHHH!!!!!!" I screamed along with Kayla. There they are. Right in front of me.

Liam started smiling at the girls next to us then started signing, " You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk thro-"

The bright lights got me right in the eyes and I fell on the ground.

All I remember hearing is Zayn say, "Love, love! Are you alright? Please wake up!"

Ever since  then we've grown closer.

****Flashback over****

These past 4 years have been the best years of my life.



Thanks if you read this and sorry for it being so long! Do you know how hard it is to put juicy stuff into one chapter and one chapter only?! Man it was hard to stop where I did haha. If you enjoyed please like, comment, favorite, and most definitely tell people about my short story! (:

-Rach xox


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