you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


1. part one


"Eeek!! I'm so excited! Today is me and Liam's 1 year anniversary! I better dress nice!" Lashauna thinks to herself. Today's gonna be the best day of her life, or at least she thought it would.She dresses up in a nice but simple, red dress with red high heels. She has a beautiful necklace on that Liam gave to her when they first started dating. She's so excited. Liam is taking her to a nice dinner. She drives to the boy's flat. The boys went out to Nandos and a movie so Liam and Lashauna could have the house to themselves. She's finally here after a long traffic jam. She walks in and finds what she least expected...


.....Liam kissing Danielle.

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