Love at first sight

Bella was a girl who lives life to the fullest. One day she want to the mall with her best friend and she bumped to the one and only Zayn Malik. It was like love at first sight.Zayn decided to give her his number and with that the story goes on.


1. same old,same old


My name is Bella, I live with my aunt.Some of you are wondering why I don't live with my mom or dad right? Well the thing is my mom died in a car accident when i was 10 and my dad is in prison,he used to abuse me,then my neighbour saw and she called the police. I'm an only child and i live life to the fullest I always go by the saying "life is to short to me sad" you will rarely see me without a smile. I love music. Music is my pride and joy, I play flute, guitar and piano. My favourite band is the one and only One Direction. There songs helped me through life,once I tried to take my life away but then I heard Little Things, it made me think twice and to appreciate what we have in life. They really saved my life.



A/N Hey everyone! Its Mrs.Malik and this is my very first movella/book and I'm very excited to write this so please don't hate. I hope you guys enjoy this book! ~Mrs.Malik

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