A Deadly Destiny

When I was five, I fired my first gun. When I was seven I couldn't miss a target. When I turned twelve I killed my first mark, ever since then I have been a secret, nobody even knows who I am. Now I'm seventeen and I don't mind the kill anymore they are just faces without names. Now I have been given a new target, problem is that he is like me, a trained killer. Will I be able to do what I've been trained to?


4. The First Failure

The target was now sitting inside a small cafe, the untrained eye would think he was alone but he was in fact far from it. His table was in the corner facing out, some people in the restaurant were just too curious about everyone who walked in. Dead giveaway, bodyguards never were really all that good at being covert. I counted five in the cafe, one outside on a bench, and one more across the street reading a newspaper, but really? A newspaper? How much more cliche can you get?

The target got up and went to the bathroom followed by a bodyguard a few moments later. I waited and watched, one minute, two minutes... five minutes... ten minutes. After fifteen minutes I knew something was wrong because his guards were getting antsy but still I waited.

The guard with the newspaper put it down and started across the street, I watched silently from the corner of my eye as I sat in the bakery across from the cafe eating a crepe and scanning my phone. My 'friend' Hunter was texting me, I think his name was a little humor from the HR department. It made me chuckle the first time he had texted me. He was Mathew's best friend according to the texts I had received. I kept texting him out of boredom and the need to not look suspicious.

Tiffany and Amanda were also texting me trying to convince me that Hunter liked me just as much as Mathew if not more and that he was way cuter so I should obviously choose him. I replied, 'not everyone is who they seem to be, don't judge a book by its cover.'

It really made me wonder if teenagers really had these kind of petty problems. Did they even realize the world was full of actual problems? I am so glad I am not that oblivious.

I finished off my crepe and got out of there just in case I was blown and I didn't want to be in the area if someone had beaten me to my mark either. I hopped into my jeep and glossed my lips again, turned up some stupid pop music I didn't even like and drove off.

I wondered what had happened.

When I got home I had two obviously angry 'parents' waiting for me. "You are in big trouble young lady," Cameron said. He looked really pissed, he never looked like that, he was the easy going one. I wondered what I did. "Living room, now." Beth said.

"Why did you kill him in a public bathroom? With a knife no less, and his body guard and two innocents with him?"

My eyes widened, "But I didn't kill him! I didn't even go into the cafe, I stayed in the bakery across the street. I waited twenty minutes for him to come out of the bathroom, but I was anxious because he took too long, I thought I had been made."

"I don't know how much we can believe that."

"Listen, I didn't even bring any weapons with me, well except my hidden knife for protection, but I didn't need it. You can check it if you want," I took it out and held it out, handle first, to them. Cameron took it and put it in a bag he produced from his pocket. "Today was simply recon to hammer out his schedule."

"We will check out your story and ballistics will be done on the knife. The director wants you brought in." Cameron said, "look I like you, and I want to believe you. But a lot of the higher ups wont care, they know what you are capable of and that you were in the vicinity of the crime. I sorry but you are going, they are convening at Tiffany's house. You are packing your clothes, this must seem like either you are running away or a sleepover. You never know who is watching, you must choose how you leave."

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