I Didn't Know I Loved You Then

I am KAT Taylor. I was born 1993, I died in 2012, August 17th to be exact! I wouldn't say being dead is better than living, but it does have its advantages, like walking through people, scaring my enemies from life, visiting my family, oh and falling in love with him! But you don't get this, let me explain...


1. He's Terrified Of Me

Yeah I'm dead, so what?

Okay sorry this is just hard to get used to- the whole "Hi I'm 19, I'm violent, I love turquoise, and hey I'm dead!" it's just weird! Anyway let me tell you about myself:

*I'm dead (I think you knew that)                                                                                                                     *Nobody remembers me                                                                                                                                    *I was abused when I was alive (That is how I died)                                                                                       *I died at precisely 7:56 August 12th, 2012                                                                                                    *I only ever had one friend, and now he's a famous singer in a boy band!                                                     *I was always a violent girl, but I am not a violent spirit if that's what you think!                                        *I love the color turquoise! And Gray!                                                                                                           *Even as a ghost I love to scream!                                                                                                                    *I am done with this, laterz!






This is my first chapter, it was pretty much just introducing you to KAT so next chapter it WILL get exciting!!!! PROMISE!!!!!

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