Rue is a normal 12 year old girl. That is until her 13 birthday. Suddenly she gets some weird dreams about her late sister. Now she only has until her sister's death before its her turn. Can she solver the mystery before then?
thank you hunger games for the name


1. Prologe

    This was weird. And not just regular weird this was super weird. I opened my eyes to find myself in a dark room.

   "Hello?" I call as my voice echos through the dark walls. I try and get up but it's useless. I'm chained to the wall.

  "Hello!" I call again this time with more force. Where was I and most importantly why was I here. All I remember before blacking out my mother screaming "Please not my little Rue!

   Suddenly I hear the door open with an ear piercing scream.

   "I see you are awake" says the voice. That voice seams familiar  "XC

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