Destiny's Key

Faith is no ordinary girl. When a key appears in her hand, she unlocks her front door to find horrors awaiting her. She can't escape and she can't kill the monsters either as that would killing ones close to her too. Will she ever escape or will she be stuck in the parallel dimension forever?


4. Bang, bang, crunch

I pushed past Holly robot and mum robot, which was surprisingly easy as they were surprisingly light. I ran through the kitchen and up the stairs. When I reached my room it was all the same, I heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed on the bed. Then I heard, clunk, clunk I bolted to the door and with trembling fingers locked my self in the bathroom with nothing but pen and paper.
I cast my mind over that key again, destinys key. It looked and felt like a normal key, how was I to know it would take me to creepville. Bang, crunch the robots were battering the door in. I stood up trembling the tears streaming down my cheeks. This is it I suppose, Im going to die!
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