Some things that annoy me.

This could be a rant, an observation, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, it is some little things that annoy me, and happen every day.
I may just be unlucky!
But you can probably empathize.
By your Opinion Minion
Otherwise known as...Chloee


1. People who eat with their mouths open.

I just can't understand those people who choose to eat with their mouths wide open.

I'm not just being picky - I'm fairly sure that nobody else eating with them would like to see their Tesco Value chicken and bacon sandwich being ground down to a soggy pulp.

I mean, how much effort would it really take to close it?

Just one tiny movement of the jaw...that would brighten my day.

Even if I manage to drop the sentence "Don't you just hate people who eat with their mouths wide open?" into a conversation, they still don't pay any attention at all! Just nod in agreement...

......While churning around a bag of crisps in their mouth. And guess what? It's open.

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