Geek Life



1. extract - Best Friends

GEEK. The word everyone uses against people, specifically peeps who like maths. But what does this word trually mean? My name is Jenna Watson and i'm what people call a " Geek" , its not nice, James is the worst. He sits next to Amy King the trually what you would call girly- gril. He sits behind me in nearly every single class, he kicks my chair and nudges me, but its very rare for me to blab. At least my best friend Diz is there for me 24/7, I call her Diz short for Dizzy, Its not her real name, her real name is Jana but she preferes Diz. I can count on her with everything, well almost everything, the only problem is.. well Diz.. she is also best friends with , yep you guessed it, my mortal enemy Amy King. It was hard to get used to it but YOLO so i guess I settled to it pretty easily. London is difficult place to live around, I mean i would honestly feel safer in world war 1. 

 I go to Great Newton academy, its a very big school in the middle of London and there are over 320 pupils that go there. But even though there are so many kids I still feel left out, I guess I have Diz  but its more with Amy these days.

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