Old friends

One day Emma is sipping her tea outside of a cafe. A figure come towards her, Niall Horan realises she has the other half of his keychain. They remember they're childhood and catch up. What happens when zayn asked her out and Niall falls for Emma?


1. Catching up

Emma was sipping her tea outside a cafe. She saw a guy with a black hoodie and sunglasses staring at her. She waited a few more minutes to see if he stopped, but he didn't. She finally grew tired of it, but before she told him off, he started walking towards Emma. She sat straight up and drank her tea once more.

"hello." he said putting down his hood he was blond with an Irish accent.

"uh...Hi."Emma said nicely

"I couldn't help but notice that you have.....I believe the other of my key chain."He said. Emma looked down and grabbed her half heart shaped necklace. She had a flashback.
-Emma's pov-

"Promise me one thing." said an 11 yr old boy
"What?" I asked
"We won't fall in love for each other." said boy
"Okay I promise." I said
"Pinky swear?" the boy asked
"Pinky swear?" I said. We locked our pinkies together and repeated the promise.
"We won't fall in love with each other." they said together
"Here, this is a present for you." the boy said
"What is it?" I asked
"Well open it?" he told me. I opened the small box and saw a four leaf clover necklace I looked up at him he was already looking at me smiling."Do you like it?" he asked me "of course but I can't put it on myself." I said giggling. He put the necklace on me and I turn to look at him and I hug him tight." Thank you, Niall." I said

"Niall!!!" I yelled he got startled. "What?" he said "what happened?" I asked " you stared at the table I tried to get your attention but you didnt reply or anything." he said "let me see your bracelet." I said. He took out his hand from his pocket and showed me his bracelet it had a four leaf clover on it just like mine. We started talking about old childhood memories then we started walking in the park across the cafe we were previously at. "what do you like to do?" Niall asked "i love to play video games, sing while playing my guitar, drawing, and skateboarding." I said "cool." he replied. They arrived at they boys' flat
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