Preschool Valentines

This is a One Shot for the One Direction Valentines Day contest. What happens when you're a preschool teacher and Niall Horan's little cousin attends your class?


1. Preschool Valentines

"Now boys and girls, tomorrow is Valentine's day, so you may bring treats for your classmates." I spoke out to my class of little children that looked up at me with a sparkle in their eyes. "Does anyone know what Valentines Day is?" I asked. A little girl named Darcy raised her hand. "It's about loovee." She said in a singsong voice and swayed herself back and forth in her seat. 

She got a lot of bad feedback from a lot of the boys in the class yelling out things such as, "GIRLS HAVE COOTIES!" Her smile turned to an instant frown and she then sat still in her seat. "Good job Darcy." I said, giving her a high five and a little lollipop. 

The joy that children get when they are rewarded is priceless. That same adorable smile returned to her face and sucked on the lollipop swaying once again. I walked back to my desk to look at my phone for a moment. I saw that I got a new text message. "Boys and girls, you may have playtime." I announced, sitting down in my chair, grabbing my phone.

Tomorrow was Valentine's Day and my mother had set me up with her co-worker's son. I was not that excited about it, but I had received a text from him. "I'm so sorry I can't make it tomorrow, my grandmother has become ill and I need to fly to New York. Once again, my apologies. Have a nice Valentine's Day." I read the message and my heart sank.

I may not have been attracted to this man, but it was Valentine's Day tomorrow and I'll be doing what I've been doing for the past years; sitting at home, in bed, eating ice cream and watching chick-flicks. I sighed and accepted the fact that this year was no different then the years before. 

I heard a knock at the door and one of the girls in my class' head shot up. "Niall! Niall! Niall!" Her high-pitched voice squealed as she ran to the door and stood at my side. 

I boy that looked as if he was not a day short of 20 was standing on the other side of the glass door and I found myself lost at words. His hair was clearly dyed blonde, and his brown roots were showing. His skin was pale, and his teeth were so straight. He wore high top sneakers with jeans and a simple grey t-shirt. 

I opened the door and let him into the room. "You must be Colleen's cousin that called in to pick her up early." I said, looking at him and then back at Colleen by my side.

"You must be Colleen's teacher! I've heard so much about you. Colleen never stops chatting about you!" Niall said, shaking my hand. Apparently, I was great. He just looked great, and to add to that, he was the owner of an irish brogue. He ran his hand through his hair, telling the little girl to grab her things. "I have to take her to the doctor. Just a checkup." Niall reassured me, just to know where she was going.

"Yea, I got the note this morning. You're all good to go!" I said, helping Colleen slip on her backpack. Niall winked and said goodbye and they both walked out of the room and to his car. He seemed like a nice boy, and I was twenty. Not like he was out of my range. 

After playtime, I dismissed the boys and girls as their parents came. I reminded them that if they chose to bring treats for the class, they must bring for the whole class, so that no one feels left out or feeling get hurt. I was a strong believer in being fair.

I then went home after a hard day of disappointment, but recovered a bit by meeting Niall.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up to my alarm clock playing various love songs and was reminded that I was love-less this evening. The evening that mattered most of love in the whole year. "I'll get someone next year." I repeated to myself and reassured myself to help my self esteem. 

I got dressed in a nice pink skirt and a white blouse with flowers on the neckline. Sprayed some perfume on and then realized why I tried so hard with the job I had. All the kid's parents had spouses and the kids are all I see all day. I have no encounters with real men.

I arrived at school, with cupcakes I had made for the kids that had their names on them, and a little valentine attached to it. I walked into the building, signed in, and strolled down to my room. No one was there, and I had 15 minutes until the children would start arriving.

I assorted the cupcakes on a decorative plate and placed them on the treat table that everything would go. Soon after, children and parents started arriving. They carried little bags decorated for their valentines and their moms carried bags of candy and sweets.

I took them from them happily and flashed a smile at all of them, pretending to be the happiest person alive. Colleen came in next and none other than Niall was with her. "Nice to see you again." Niall said, handing me a tin container full of cookies. "You too." I said, smiling a little brighter than I did to the other parents. 

By the time all the parents left, I had the children seated. They were extremely anxious to give out their treats and profess their love for each other through cheesy little cards with witty saying on them. "I'm going to call out your name and you can get your things to pass out." I said over the laughing and settling of restless children in their seats.

"Brian, Darcy, Fiona, Peter, Leo,.." The list of kids went on for what had seemed forever and my box was filled to the top with Smarties, and various chocolates. I thanked each and every student and realized that one was left; Colleen.

"Colleen!" I called out last and she jumped up out of her seat and ran to her treats. She had on a pink, fluffy skirt that bounced with her every movement. She grabbed her treats and passed them out to each student with a nice smile to everyone. Then she came to me.

She gave me two little pink cards folded in half and taped shut by a heart sticker. "Colleen, I think you gave me two by accident." I said, getting her attention. "Nope, those are boff for you." She said, through her missing front tooth, causing a lisp.

Everyone had gotten and given out their valentines, so now I allowed them to open all of them and eat just a few pieces of candy or sweets. I glanced at the two valentines that Colleen had given me and I opened the first one. "Have a LOVEly day!" One said, which was from Colleen, because she always wrote her "e"'s backwards.

I then opened the other one. "Hi gorgeous. If you're not busy, I'd like to take you out tonight. -Niall" I read it and could not believe what was going on. I saw that it was handwritten and everything. So then on, I just sat there with a smile plastered across my face, thinking about outfits I still look good in.

By the end of the day, parents started showing up. One by one, children left, chocolate-stained lips and teeth and some with small paper cuts from the valentines. They all insisted that I kissed them.

Once all the kids were picked up, of course Colleen was the only child left. Niall then walked in, and she attacked him, hugging him around the waist, which was as high as she could reach. "Did you give your teacher my valentine?" Niall bent down to ask the girl. She nodded.

"So what do you say?" Niall asked, looking at the ground and then back up at me, hands shoved in his pockets. "I say, I'd love to." I said, nodding my head, and revealing a smile so bright it couldn't be masked. "Great. Wow I thought you would say no." Niall said, taking a deep breath.

"I though no one would ask." I said, quietly, thinking I said it to myself. "Who would pass that up?" Niall obviously heard me. 

I blushed and turned away. "here's my number. I'll pick you up at 7?" Niall asked. "Of course." I replied. "Then it's a date. I'll see you then." Niall said, and winked on his way out. 

I guess this year won't be spent alone on Valentine's Day.

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