White lies

5 weeks tell her 15th birthday Bella gets a call. Bella loan has canser. Finding out her last day to live was on her birthday. Somebody comes into her life, somebody with blond hair with a a Irish voice. And changes everything.


1. Pain

"Ow," I screamed.
I feel right on the floor. I could feel something sharp hit me in the chest. I could here my mom running up the stairs. I woke up by the sound of my heart raceing hard and a beeping in the back round. I looked up to find my mom standing over me. "You're ok now," my mom said. I looked at her confused. "What happend?" I asked. "You feel in a nail," she replied. "The doctors did a X ray on you, you're going to be fine!" I was excited to here that. The doctor soon came in and told us we could leave now. We where in the car when my moms phone started to go off. "That's weird," she said with a puzzled look on her face. "Hello?" She awnserd. I looked at her, she looked sad. She turnd her head puting the phone down, with a tear falling down her cheak.
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