ωєℓ¢σмє тσ 1∂єяℓαи∂

My life what's so great about it? I'm Josie Alli Miller. My father passed away a year ago. He was the only one who understood me. My mom, the workaholic. I go to a school where I get bullied. I'm living shit. My life is no fairy story so why would i wait for my 'prince charming.' Friends? Yeah i got 1. i'm alone in this big lonely world. I'm lost. My whole world changed when we saw eachother. He saw me and I saw him.


1. chapter 1;


I hear this everyday in school. I am Josie Alli Miller and

ωєℓ¢σмє тσ 1∂єяℓαи∂

My life isn't normal I am 18 years old living a 35 year old life. Love? I don't have time for that. I barely have time for school. Yet i still go. I've been bullied since i was in 3 rd grade.. I'm used to it though.

'' JOSIE bye i'm going to work, i'll be back in a week, take care of your siblings, feed the pets, and clean the house?''

My mother yelled then left. Not waiting for an answer. Yes this is not rare for me, it happens all the time.

'' yes mom.''

I muttered to myself. I looked at the time and it read. 6:55. I went to my sister and brother's room and woke them up to get ready. My brother is 12 and my sister is 4. She is a cutey. I have a strong relationship with them but they don't know what I go through they think i live  a fairy tale. Oh how wrong they are.

'' Woshie i can't find my pwink shoes.''

My little sister said to me in her cute voice. I giggled she knows how to make me smile, for the easiest reasons.

'' C'mon I'll go help you find it, Maddie.''

I said reaching for her little hand. She skipped to her room.


''Well Maddie and I are going to school , Josie.''

My brother Brian said smiling showing his deep dimples. Lucky munches.

'' okay goodbye, love you.''

I said to them.

'' We love you too.''

They both replied.

I went outside and fed the dogs and went back inside to feed the fishes. All done. I went to my closet and groaned, my clothes are horrible. I got some blue shorts that reached my knee, a gray tank top/ monster shirt with a blue scarf and gray flats. Ugh. I mean we do have money it's just we don't have time for shopping. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and saw the ugliest piece of shit there. Yeah that's  me. I'm so fucken ugly. I just... i just I hate seeing my refection. I got a small pocket knife and cut a huge scar on my stomach.

'' Owwwwwwwww.''

I moaned in pain. Yet it felt good. You may be thinking that cutting is stupid but it helps me a lot. Takes all the pain i am living threw. I cleaned all the blood that fell and put my hair in a messy bun. I got my books and backpack and went walking to school.


''Awe there's the ugly whore.''

A readhead said looking at me as I arrived at school.

''Damn don't you get uglier and uglier.''

A blonde said. Everyone laughed .

'' just leave me alone.''

I said weakly looking down.

'' Bitch you don't tell us what to do.''

The redhead yelled. Then she pushed my books in my stomach. It hurt a lot because of my huge cut.

'' Oww.''

I moaned in pain.

'' Awe did that hurt?''

The blonde asked and socked me in my stomach hard.


I yelled in pain. They just laughed loudly and pointed the middle finger to me and left.

I fell in my knees and started crying.

This is my life.....

A/n sooooo i noe very very sad but it'll get better. Tell me what you think ??? X





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