The Quest

There was once a peaceful kingdom, called Deltora. Everything went well, till the wicked Satan's fire eagles broke the Belt of Deltora and scattered the seven gems, which possessed Jesus Christ's power of protection. As King Daniel struggles to find the seven gems, Satan's great guards kidnap him and take him somewhere to be tortured forever.

But when Prince Joses finds out, he is determined to find the seven gems and make Deltora a peaceful land once again, and that his father would be released.

Join Joses, his brother Jechonias, his cousin Hana, and his best friend Amadea as they go on a quest to free Deltora from Satan's reign of terror!


1. Call For Help

Joses' P.O.V

I woke up when my maid barged in my bedroom, shouting.

"Your Highness, your father is gone!" she said. "What? Where?!" I said, jumping up from bed. "When I was cleaning his bedroom, he wasn't there at all!" she replied. "I'm going to go ask the villagers about it." I said.

I got dressed and went down to the village nearby. They were all gasping and looking at me.

"Excuse me, villager. May I ask you something?" I asked a villager. "Yes, of course!" he replied.
"Have you seen where my father went?" I asked. "Oh, yes! He was in a wheelbarrow, being dragged down the hill by Grey Guards! I could not do anything, I was too frightened!" he replied. "Thank you for your information, anyway." I replied. "Oh please don't go! You must know: if the Belt of Deltora ever loses its gems, the heir to King Josh must find them, and he must wear the belt at all times in order for Satan to be driven out of Deltora." he said. ""Thanks again for the information." I said. "Good luck on your journey!" he said, waving. "Bye!" I said, waving to all the villagers.

With that, I went back to the palace and thought... Who should I bring on my quest? I KNOW! How about Jeje, Hana, and Dea? Yes! They're perfect companions. And I should bring a bird or something. Yeah, how about Pottie! Yes. I took out a piece of parchment and wrote a letter to Dea and Hana. Then I called Jeje. He appeared in my room in a blink of an eye.

"Je, I need you to go on a quest with me, oh yeah could you send this to Dea and Hana?" I asked him. "Sure! Anyway, I AM your older bro." he said.

I gave him the letter and he went off.
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