The Romantic Holiday (1SHOT41D)

Melissa, Amelia and Tammy have been bet friends since they were baby's. It's February 11 and in 3 day's Valentines day. The three best friends are planing on going on a trip to Greece for a holiday, to get away from the annoying siblings and parents. But what awaits them is so unexpected, not even Cupid saw coming.


1. Love At First Sight

"I can't believe we're here!" Amelia shouted as the three best friends got off the plain,
"I know I've got a really bad jet lag though," Melissa replied,
"Guys maybe we should look around," Tammy suggested,
"I know where we could go," Melissa said, "How about we go on that cruse, you know the one that takes you around the whole of Greece,"
"That would cost a fortune, besides we already have our hotel booked and that already cost a lot as it is, and I thought you had a 'jet lag'" Amelia said, Melissa pouted.
"Fine but when you ask me to do the food shopping I'll tell you that exact thing," Melissa said and walked away with her chin up high, jokingly of course. She turned around to the other girls and they all started laughing.

They got to there hotel and started to unpack, when suddenly Melissa, being the clumsy person she is, tripped over and knocked down a vase.
"Are you O.K?" Amelia asked and both girls ran over to help Melissa, but she was laughing so hard she had tears forming in her eyes,
"My god you are so immature, Melissa," Tammy said and helped her up,
"Why do you always put us through so much shock?" Amelia asked, but Melissa was to busy laughing than paying attention to what her friends were saying. About five minutes laughing she finally stopped but still had a red face and cheeky smile.
"So what are our plans for today?" Tammy asked,
"Oh, I know!" Melissa yelled jumping up and down like an idiot,
"Something appropriate please," Amelia said,
"Party pooper," Melissa said, under her breath,
"I heard that," Amelia said,
"You were supposed to," Melissa replied in a sassy way, Tammy just rolled her eyes,
"What were you going to say anyway?" Tammy asked,
"I was going to say we could go rollerskating," Melissa suggested,
"That's not actually a bad idea," Tammy said, "We might even run into some cute boys there," Melissa and Amelia rolled their eyes,
"Is that seriously all you think about, Tammy? Boy's?" Amelia asked,
"Come on let's just go before there are to many people there before us," Melissa shouted and dragged both girls out of the apartment.

"Thank you, Sir," Tammy said when she got out of the Cab, and handed the driver 50 Euro. The Cab driver nodded and drove away.
"Why didn't you just tell him where we wanted to go, Melissa? I though you knew greek!" Amelia asked, angrily.
"Oh I do know greek, because I'm half greek, my dads american and my mums greek, but it was funny watching you guys struggle," Melissa replied and started laughing cheekily. Amelia rolled her eyes and being the bossy one she is, started to give Melissa a lecture on being stupid, but she zoned out and walked into the building and got the roller-skates for each of her friends.
"Thanks, Melissa," Tammy said,
"Yeah thanks, Melissa," Amelia also said,
"No probelemo," Melissa said. After about an hour of skating the girls decided they were a little hungry so they went to the snack bar to get some food. Once again, Melissa ordered and he other girls went to look for a table. She sat with her friends and they all started talking, when suddenly a very interesting comment came up.
"Guy's you know Valentines day is like 3 days away and none of us have a date?" Tammy said,
"I don't really care about dates for one day, I mean if two people are together they should treat each other special everyday not just one a year," Melissa said, stuffing her face with food,
"That's exactly what I think," an unfamiliar voice said. Melissa turned around, and instantly her face turned as red as a tomato. Her mouth was covered in ketchup from the potato chips and she was eating like a pig in front of a table with five really cute guys.
"What's your name?" That boy asked, he had ocean blue eyes and dyed blonde hair,
"I'm Melissa," She said, "and these are my two best friends, Amelia and Tammy,"
"Well I'm Niall, and those boys over there are Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. We were wondering if you wanted to come sit with us?"
"Of course we would love that," Tammy said flirtatiously, but Niall never looked away from Melissa, her beautiful green eyes, and wavy chocolate coloured hair, had some kind of effect on him. Amelia on the other hand couldn't take her eyes off Liam, and Harry was looking at Tammy. Tammy's dead strait dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and her big brown eyes were checking out all the boys, Amelia's blue eyes and curly black hair, had quiet an effect on Liam as well.

"Can you believe tomorrow is Valentines day?" Tammy said, "Harry and I are going to the carnival around the corner from here, isn't he just the sweetest?"
"And Liam is taking me to the Petting Zoo so we can feed all the animals," Amelia said, but Melissa didn't answer, she was feeling a little upset because she didn't have a date.
"I hope you have fun," Was all she said, and went back to thinking. Of course she liked Niall, and Niall liked her but both of them only thought the other liked each other as friends and that's all. The other two girls had been dating Liam and Harry for the past two days and they had grown pretty close.

Back at the boys apartment Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry were getting ready to go out while Niall was sitting in his apartment alone.
"What are you gonna do here, Niall?" Zayn asked Niall as he walked into the living room were the front door was, and were Niall was seated n the couch.
"I'll probably just watch T.V and eat, Mate," Niall replied, Zayn shrugged and walked out the door to catch up with Louis.

"Have fun guys, I'm gonna miss you, even though it's only a night," Melissa said to her two best friends and hugged them, they waved to each other as two girls went separate ways and one stayed. Melissa then shut the door behind her.

About half an hour later there was a knock at Melissa's apartment door. 'I wonder who that is' She thought and went to answer it. Her eyes widened at the sight of this person and her face instantly spread into a smile.
"I'm sorry I have to let you know how I feel about you, Melissa," Niall said and kissed her, she didn't hesitate, she kissed back.
"I love you, Melissa, I have since we met. You are the most down to earth girl I know, your smart, funny and really beautiful." Niall said,
"I love you too, Niall. You're such a gentleman and really know how to make a girl feel special, no matter what day it is," Melissa replied,
"So what do you say?" He asked, "Will you be my girlfriend, Melissa?" He asked, Melissa smiled and nodded.
"Of course I will, Niall," and with that she kissed him. None of them had ever felt so happy in their lives .

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