Bad Boys & Quiet Angels

Penelope has always been an outcast. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't talk much. She only talks to her best friend Louis Tomlinson, but what happens when a new guy from Bradford, England Zayn Malik comes to the school. He's known as the Bad Boy and she's known as a Quiet Angel, what will happen when there two seprate worlds clide? Will this be love or a disaster waiting to happen?


4. The Mall


After school I met up with Lou and Zayn infront of my locker.
"Hey boys." I said hugging Louis.
"Hey love. Ready to go?" Louis smiled.
I nodded and grabbed my bag. We walked to Louis's car and I got in the backseat letting Zayn sit in the front. The whole time driving I was warming up to Zayn. He's not just a "bad boy" he's actually a really sweet and sensitive. We drove for about 15 minutes and parked. I got out my wallet and we walked inside. Louis walked into the shoe store so Zayn and I followed walking further behind.
"So are you and Louis??" Zayn asked almost shy.
"No we are just best friends, I mean I care for him I just don't like him like that." I laughed.
He nodded and smirked and we walked into the store. Louis was in the corner looking at these hideous orange shoes. I shook my head in disgust.
"Louis Tomlinson, those shows are horrid. You are NOT aloud to wear them." I giggled.
"But they remind me of carrots!"
He whined like I was his mother and he was my son. Zayn looked so confused so I decided to fill him in.
"Louis here is OBSESSED with carrots and I still don't know why." I said looking at the shoes.
Zayn laughed and walked down the long aisle and I ran after him.
"Whatcha doin'" I laughed.
"Looking at shoes."
I just looked up at him need I remind you he's a towering 5'10 and I'm 5 foot exactly. He looked down at me and rested his arm on my shoulder. I looked at him not breaking eye contact and he pulled me into a hug. His arms were warm and inviting so I just sat there my arms around his torso. I pulled back and smiled,
"I have a question." Zayn spoke.
"How come you act all quiet at school then around me you are all happy and outgoing."
"Well, besides Louis your the only friend I truly have."
"Well I was wondering do you wanna go out with me?"
"Like on a date?"
"Exactly a date."
"We barely know eachother."
"That's what first dates are for."
I thought about then nodded my head. He smiled and we walked back to Louis then left the store. We walked around the mall for a bit longer than headed home. When I realized in the car that Zayn is my new neighbor so I had even more reason to see him now.
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