Once Upon A time

Once Upon a Time a girl named Samantha Brookes Recived a phone call that her mother had passed... she was far to young to understand. A few years later Her father married a young beautiful lady with two daughters of her own. When Samantha was 9 Her father died of cancer leading to only her with her stepmother. Her stepmother gave her chores daily and Her own daughters Jewels and Fashion Designer Clothing. When samantha turns 18 she wants to go to the new years annual ball. Will sneeking to it lead to more than Expected .... Find out in Once Upon a Time


1. My life Story

" Okay" I responded back to my stepmother who was giving me my daily chores, which was a list of many. I had to clean the whole house plus my own needs, like work.

"Ill be back at 3, I'm off to work" I said looking at my watch, 11:15. I looked up at her which she wasn't bothered of my speaking. I left the two story house and begin to walk in the spring air. I worked at the Floral Shop just down the street named Oak Creek Flowers. I entered the shop and noticed John right away and walked behind the counter grabbing my custom apron which had my name and the name of the store.

"Hey John" I smiled and began to fix the display flowers. 

"Hey, I need to make a delivery, Watch the store" John stated holding a slip of paper and a vase of lilacs rushing out of the store. The  store only had two customers for now but towards the afternoon more people came to the store. I looked at today's orders and noticed it was original buyers. The towns main dentist ordered orchids for the front desk every once week. An older gentleman by the name Steve Richardson always bought a bouquet for his wife every Monday to brighten the most boring day of the week.

I turned my head towards the sound of the bells signaling somebody entered the store.

"what do you want?" I growled already annoyed of his presence. He chuckled smiling showing off his dimples as if they were his prized possession next to his set of tangled curls, they would've sent any other girl fainting to the ground but I wanted to vomit onto the tile flooring.

"know is that any way to treat a regular customer?" He asked not wanting an answer " I need a rose, for my date" he smirked as if he didn't have a new one each week. 

"I don't care" I turned around to grab a rose before he continued speaking.

"of course you don't, I mean you wouldn't even know since nobody wants to date someone like you" He said pulling out some pounds from his pocket. 

'Gracious that insult sucked' "stick one up your ass Styles" I stated handing him a single rose exchanging it with his cash. I watched him leave rolling my eyes "what a spoiled bitch"

After running the store for about an hour, John finally finished with deliveries mean it was closing time. John left me with the keys and I locked up turning the wooden sign around to 'closed'. I twirled the keys on my finger walking to Banker Hill in the sun setting air, the sky was dim and the air better than the humid day. Making my way to the broken electric fence that blocked the town from the dark forest at the bottom of Banker Hill I crawled under a clipped and bended opening.

  I sat for a while watching the sun set over the trees until a flock of birds flew out of the trees in the forest. I sat up alarmed until I saw something exiting the forest in the distance. I focused until I noticed it was someone, all I could see was a white button up shirt tucked into black slacks. I heard my watch click signaling the long hand was on the twelve. It was eight o'clock, I jumped up and sprinted towards the direction of the street my house sat on. I rushed to the wooden front door opened it quietly not wanting to alarm the stepmother of my presence she hated so much of.

" Samantha" My stepmother shouted questioningly from upstairs.

"Yes" I called back at the bottom of the staircase.

" Make Dinner" She shrieked out of her throat. I walked into the kitchen and tossed open the refrigerator and grabbed out leftovers of her favorite pea soup. I walked into the living room after tossing it into the microwave for a couple minutes, I sat on the couch wanting to turn on the tv but I couldn't spot the remote. I scrimmaged around wanting to watch the tv desperately, the microwave beeped making me groan pacing to the kitchen. I grabbed out the hot bowl of soup and sat it on the counter.

"your foods done" I announced hearing her door slam open and the shuffling of feet. We both entered the living room as I wanted to find the remote and she had curlers in her rats nest of a hair style.

"what did you make me?" She asked as I stared grossed out as it seemed her mole grew bigger the second on her cheek. The door bell rung before I could answer she almost screamed of the screaming doorbell sound. "Just answer that already!" She ordered shuffling into the kitchen in her white cotton robe. I answered the door seeing....





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