Together on Valentines

Once upon a time there was a girl named Daisy, Daisy was from Canada and she never really got to go anywhere, until one year when her family decided to go to London.


1. The trip

Daisy's P.O.V
"Daisy, get your bags in the car we are going to be late! " yelled my mom from the basement.
You see, this is the first time my family is going on a real trip together, and my mom is really stressed out! We are going to London for all if February, I am pretty excited but the only problem is that because its just me and my parents, they always choose the boring places to go, and I am stuck with them!
"I'm coming mom!" I yelled back, while dragging my two floral suitcases behind me.
The airport was a big scramble of events trying to get to our plane in time, but once we were settled I could finally relax, and put on some One Direction for the trip.
After a Long flight we finally arrived in London. I was really excited to be seeing what it was like here, and how different it is from Canada!
As I stepped out of the airplane and into the busy airport I could already tell this was going to be an interesting trip! Once we got all of out luggage we had to snake through the crowds of people and find our way to the door. A taxi was outside waiting for us, so we put our luggage in the back and hopped in.
I couldn't take my eyes off of the window, London was even better than I ever expected, everything was so different than I was used to!
The taxi came to a slow stop in front of a beautiful hotel. As we walked inside I gasped at how beautiful it was, everything looked so expensive and breakable! I didn't want to touch anything! While I was taking in my surroundings, I suddenly bumped into a tall person. Before I fell the person caught me, and pulled me back so I was balanced. Once I looked up to see the kind person and apologize I realized who I was standing right in front was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I probably looked like a complete weirdo just staring at him, but I was too shocked to say anything! I was finally able to get out the very shaky words, "I-I'm s-sorry!"
"No problem love!" Was his friendly reply.
"A-are you Louis Tomlinson?" I asked.
"Why yes I am! And what might your name be?" He questioned.
"My name is Daisy! I am a HUGE fan of One Direction!" I said
"We'll thank you! Is there anything you would like me to sign?"
"We'll I just got here so I don't have any paper, could you sign my arm?" I asked slightly embarrassed.
"Of course!" He quickly jotted down his signature, and he wrote something else but I couldn't quite see what before I could ask he said, "There we are, I put my number in case you find some paper that you would like me to sign!"
"Thank you! I will be sure to find some paper!" I said realizing how stupid that must have sounded!
"Goodbye for now!" He said with a smile, while walking away.
It took me a moment after that to take in what just happened, but once I composed myself I noticed that i didn't know where my parents had went! Right when I was about to go searching I felt a hand on my shoulder, and looked up to see my dad looking down at me. I was relieved because I didn't want to have to go looking through a huge hotel for my parents.
The room we got was amazing! It had two queen sized beds, a little kitchen, and a nice bathroom. I set my suitcases down on my bed and pulled out my phone to enter Louis number. After that I sent a text saying thank you and it was nice to meet him.
It only took a few seconds for him to send a reply saying this: "It was great to meet you also! Do you think you could join me on Valentines day for a nice dinner?"
I was shocked at what I was reading, did Louis Tomlinson seriously just ask me to dinner, on Valentines?
This was my reply: "I would love to! Just text me the time, and I will make sure I am ready! :)"
We went back and forth texting for a while and he told me to be ready at 6:00.
*Valentines day*
So far this has been an amazing trip! My parents have actually chosen really fun things to do! And the best part is that tonight I am going to dinner with Louis! Since that first night we have texted quite a bit, and I am getting really excited for tonight!
*Louis P.O.V*
Tonight is the night I get to take Daisy out for dinner! I am excited because she seems different than other fans! She doesn't scream in my face and I can actually get to know her like a normal person! I am going to take her to a really nice place for dinner, I just hope she has a good time!
*Daisy's P.O.V*
I chose to wear a dress, it isn't too fancy but it is still nice!
By 6:20 I was all ready to go! My hair was curled, I had my dress on, now all I had to do was wait for Louis. At exactly 6:30 I heard our hotel room door knock. I went to the the door and opened it and Louis was standing at the door holding a rose, I smiled and stepped out the door. He complimented me and we left for the night.
When we arrived I saw that he took me to a beautiful restaurant. We got inside and preserved our food, everything was so amazing! We had nice conversations and over all we had a great time! The best thing was that this night was one I always dreamed of! I always wanted to meet one direction or at least one of them, and I never thought it would be as great as it turned out to be! We were able to have a great time and it didn't matter if he was famous because I didn't treat him any different than anyone else! And we all lived happily ever after!

The end!
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