Valentines Day with 1D

Everything is falling apart, Tammy, a brokenhearted girl, enters the elevator and thinks that everything will stay like this, and she thinks that no one can fix her heart, but she is wrong... She can't even imagine that she is not the only brokenhearted person in the elevator, and that she is not alone in this...


1. Everything will be fine, just smile


I hate Dilan, he is an idiot, he promised a romantic date on Valentine's day. I was running and crying, my eyes were all red and puffy, I hated him, I ran inside my building and entered the elevator, my head was down, I definitely didn't want to bump into anyone from my building and I most definitely didn't want them to see me crying. I was so sad, the elevator stopped and a lot of people exited, but some curly guy who was also looking at the ground and I were the only one left. I just stood there with my eyes looking at the ground, I hated this feeling, I never trusted anyone as much as I trusted David and I could feel my heart breaking into pieces, I felt like if you wanted you could hear that happening. Suddenly the elevator stopped but the door didn't open, the lights went off and I was standing there with a stranger, and not to mention I had a huge fear of the dark. I heard the speaker in the elevator say:

,,The power went down so the elevators stopped, don’t worry guys you are completely safe, some experts are trying to turn on the lights at least, but the power outage is going to last long, so stay put and be safe", oh my God. I didn't knew what to do, I mean I am trapped here for a long time.

,,Are you OK?", I heard the curly guy say, he had an amazing British accent

,,Yeah, I am just fine, I mean I have a fear of the dark, but no biggie", I answered and I could hear him laugh.

,,I have an idea, why don't we turn on the lights on our phone?", he asked

,,Well my phone battery is dead, how about yours?", I asked him

,,Mine is too", I sighed and said:

,,Great", I tried to get to the end of the elevator so I placed my arms in front of trying to find it. When I did I sat on the ground and leaned against the elevator door, that British guy said

,,Great idea", and he did the same, he was close to me and I kinda felt safer

,,So sorry about your fear", he said and I could really tell that he is telling the truth

,,It's OK, I mean I over exaggerated, I mean I am afraid but I think I'll be fine", I said but I was shaking, I looked around and could see anything I hated the dark.

,,Are you sure? I mean you are shaking and you don't sound good", he said

,,It's OK, I'll be fine", I answered.

,,Sooo since we are staying here for a while do you wanna talk or do you wanna die in peace?", I laughed, I didn't laugh in a while. He was so funny, I like when someone could make me laugh.

,,Let's talk, I am to young to die", he giggled a little and asked:

,,So how was your Valentine's day?",

,,Awful, yours?",

,,Mine too, tell me about your and I will tell you about mine", he said, that was fair 

,,Ok, so my boyfriend ... ex-boyfriend, Dilan, promised that this day will be romantic and that we are gonna have so much fun, and he said to me to come to his place and when I did I didn't saw anything romantic, I mean his friends were there playing video games, and there was only beer and he knows I don't like drinking that much, and he didn't even pay much attention to me and then he all of a sudden kissed one girl on the lips, but it wasn't a regular peck oh no, it was a full on make out session, and then I told him ,,It's over", and he just said ,,OK", I mean we were together for 5 months and I didn't mean anything to him", I started crying, that British guy placed a hand on my shoulder and said

,,Well mine was bad too love, and to tell you the truth, that guy is the biggest idiot ever", he made me feel better by saying the simplest of things.

,,So tell me your bad Valentine's day", 

,,Well, my now ex-girlfriend Taylor said that she is planning on a romantic Valentine's day, I mean I wanted to plan the whole thing but she didn't let me, so she said to meet up and when we did she dragged me to this restaurant and it was the biggest restaurant ever but she took the seat by the window and she knew that paparazzi were going to take pictures of us and stuff and she just didn't care, she liked the attention and when we  were sitting there she fed me and there was a candle on the table and stuff, and she was never like that, and she only did it so that people would think that she is the best girlfriend ever, and I just couldn't take it anymore so I left", I was confused, why would paparazzi follow him, is he famou

,,Well mine is worse, but your's is bad too, she is an attention seeker, and sorry for asking but are you famous or what?", I could hear him laugh, he didn't stop for a while and then he asked me:

,,You honestly didn't knew from the beginning?", I smirked and answered:

,,I didn't knew, I thought that you were a normal guy",

,,Well I mean I am pretty normal", I laughed and said

,,Well could you just tell me your name, I promise I won't fangirl over you or anything", I said

,,Ok, I'm Harry Styles", I was in shock I mean I loved One Direction and all their songs, I watched all the videos of them and every single interview, but I never could have guessed that I was gonna be stuck in the elevator with one of them.

,,So are you a directioner or what?", he asked

,,To tell you the truth I am, nice to meet you, I'm Tammy", I said, he giggled and said:

,,Nice to meet you too, so I guess we don't have luck in love"

,,Yep, I am done with guys, everyone has to hurt me", I said

,,So you are turning lesbian?", he joked

,,Well I'll have to think about that", he laughed and I felt like I could just tell him anything, then the lights went on, but the elevator didn't started moving, I turned around and saw Harry Edward Styles next to, he was inches away from me and he was looking perfect as always, but his eyes were a little puffy, was he crying too? He was looking at me while smiling, I looked away because I mean it is rude to stare at somebody, even though they looked like an angel.

,,So at least you're not shaking anymore", he said and smiled, he was so perfect, and his perfect teeth and his perfect style. I smiled back and he said:

,,Well I guess we both cried our eyes out", he looked away and his eyes were tearing up and so did mine.

,,Yep, but I am done crying, Dilan doesn't deserve it, and trust me Harry, Taylor doesn't deserve your tears", he looked at me and smiled, it was a smile through the pain, I could see that it hurt him so much, he loved her

,,Oh my God you probably think that I am weak, right?", he asked

,,No, I mean guys could cry too, I hate the stereotype that guys can't cry, I mean you have feelings like we do", he smiled and said while looking in my eyes:

,,You have beautiful eyes", he said it like he didn't want to say it out loud, but he did.

,,I was about to say that", he kinda blushed a little it was strange, because I thought that he was used to girls giving him compliments.

,,Sooo what do you wanna do now?", he asked and brought his knees to his chest. 

,,I don't know"

,,Do you wanna talk more I mean more about our lives and stuff?", he asked while looking at his hands.

,,Yep, what do you wanna know?", I asked


,,So... I have a little brother, he was a really nice kid, my parents always traveled everywhere and we were always alone at home, but a year ago they came and took Dylan with them, so I was completely by myself,  I mean I was so used to having someone around and then they just took him without even wondering how I felt, it was pretty hard, my parents didn't actually care about us and they didn't send us money or anything so I had two part-time jobs, and I had to grow up pretty early and take care of my brother who is now 6 years old, I haven't seen him in a year, and I probably never will because I don't know where they are or anything", I said and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt a gentle hand wipe them off, Harry was looking at me and he had a worried look in his eyes.

,,Oh my God, you had a really tough life", he pulled out a tissue and gave it to me, I wiped my eyes and he said:

,,Why didn't you go to the police?"

,,I don't wanna sue my parents", I said and my voice was shaky

,,I can try to help you I mean I could call a couple of guys and tell them their story and tell them that you don't want your parents in trouble, you just want your brother back", he said

,,You don't have to do that", I said and looked at him, his eyes were full of tears as he looked at me.

,,I want to", he said seriously.

,,So, tell me about your life?", I said and looked away

,,Well I mean if you are a directioner you know most things, like you know my blood type and how I looked as a kid, but the private life you guys don't know, sooo, you probably think that I am womanizer and that I flirt with every single girl, but you don't know that yeah I do flirt with girls, a lot, but I don't sleep with them or anything really, I always have that one special girl and I don't fool around with anyone's heart, I mean I never cheated on anyone, trust me I flirt with girls but I always have that one girl I can't stop thinking about, and I hate when they call me a womanizer because I am not like that, they say I use girls and stuff, I don't. I  also hate when I am dating someone they send her and me hate mail, I mean I can't stay single forever and when I find someone they don't approve I mean I can't please everyone, I loved Taylor Tammy but she just loved the fame that goes with me I guess", he said and looked at me, I mean I always said to everyone that he is not a womanizer and I defended him, I knew he  was just a person, a living person with feelings, and this is just proof. I smiled at him and I said:

,,I never thought that you were a womanizer, trust me, and I didn't send hate to Taylor, she doesn't deserve it for being with someone", he smiled back and said:

,,You know, I haven't had a heart to heart talk in a while, you are the only directioner that hasn't screamed in my ear", I laughed and said:

,,I was screaming inside, I mean imagine you getting stuck in an elevator with John Mayer", he laughed and said:

,,Well you're right", it is really really easy to talk to him, he is just a person. I didn't even notice but I was practically staring at him, he was now smiling at me and he asked:

,,Why are you looking at me like that?", I looked away and said:

,,I was just thinking about something...", he smiled and said:

,,Well I guess my Valentine's day isn't so bad after all, I mean it started awful, but now it's pretty great", he was smiling from ear to ear and his dimples were showing, oh my God, I wanna kiss him on the dimples, my directioner senses are tingling, I am so weird.

,,Yeah, mine too", I said and looked at him, I tried to look normal, not like a crazy girl that wants to lick his face. 

,,I have a piece of paper here and a pen, can you give me your number? I would love to stay in touch" I wrote my number down and he said while placing the piece of paper and the pen in his pocket:

,,I promise I'll call you", then the elevator started moving. We got up on our feet and I said:

,,Hope you have a great Valentine's day"

,,Well, I was hoping that we can spend it together, do you wanna come to my place and watch a movie or something?", he asked

,,Sure, just what is your address?", I asked

,,I'll send you a message with the details", then the elevator stopped and the door opened, Harry hugged me tight and walked away. I can't believe it, they said that it was gonna last long, liars, well at least I'll spend my Valentine's day with Harry, I am one lucky girl...


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