I Hate You!

in this story your dating one of the one direction boys and he cheats on u


2. i miss louis

you and Louis has been has been going out now for about 8 months  and he was on tour u missed him so much  one day u were watching Tv and u hear a knock at the door   ''Susan it's me Mackenzie!"      Mackenzie was ur best friend since 2nd grade   ''Come in!'' u say getting up    ''Hey Susan wats up?''  she says giving u a hug   ''Nm  I just miss Louis though'' u reply as u sit back down on the couch     ''Im so sorry...'' she says as she pats ur back     ''HEY!  u know wat u should do!'' she says as she jumps up 

''Wat?'' u say looking at her confused    ''you should  should  get a plane ticket and go to there concert tonight!''      ''Mackenzie that's a great idea!!''    you quickly get dressed and    put on some makeup and Mackenzie drives u to the airport      ''thanks kenzie see u in a couple days!'' u say as u wave goodbye     u give them ur passport and sign some papers

finaly ur on the plane u try to call Louis and tell him ur coming but no answer   ''o well he must be busy''  u say to urself   *3 hours later*

the plane trip was long but it was Louis was worth it    u decide to stay at a hotel and unpack    and then u get dress    u quickly get a cab and then then the arena u see paul and he takes u backstage  u walk around trying to find Louis dressing room u finaly find his dressing room u open the door and see Louis making out with another girl that was not u    ''Louis wat the fuck!''  u yell

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