broken heart

this story is about a girl named alex,alex smith, ahe has been through some breakups, and in the next one week, it will be valentines day, will she be able to find her true love?





Hi my name is alex, alex smith, i am 16 years old. i have black hair, black eyes and brown skin colour, i love myself and my life.

josh:i think it will be better if we are just friends.

alex:what do u mean by just "friends".

josh: i mean we should breakup.

alex: why??.

josh: i dont have feelings for u anymore.

alex: ok, yeah we would be freinds......yeah we would, (alex hits joosh on the face and walks away crying).


mum; valentine is next on tuesday, and we are having a dinner, r u bringing anyone?

alex: no i dont think so.....mum me and josh arent going out anymore.

mum: why??.... wat happened

alex;he broke up with me( starts crying).

mum: it's ok love.(hugs alex)

alex: mum i am going out for a jog, bye.

mum:ok, take care byee.


(alex trips over a guy with brown eyes while joging)

alex: i-i am so sorry...really sorry

guy with brown eyes:it's ok, hi i am zayn(pulling alex up.)

alex: thanks, i am alex( shaking harry hand).

zayn:nice to meet u, wanna go out sometime?

alex: yeah sure.

zayn: can i have ur number plz?

alex: yes, here( alex says handing zayn her phone)

zayn: thanks.(giving alex her phone back)

alex: got to go now, cya.

zayn:k, cya byee

alex:( jogs off, and waving to zayn)


(zayn has meet alex and they r now friends, and also the boys, today alex had asked zayn to come over for dinner in her house, and zayn said yes,LETS SEE WAT HAPPENS).

zayn: alex can i talk to u privately.

alex: yeah sure.

louis:someones got a date:)

niall: shut up louis.

harry:(winks at zayn).

liam;(let out a little giggle).

( zayn and alex excuse themselves from the table, and goes outside.)

zayn; alex, can i ask u a question?

alex:yeah, sure.

zayn: i know we havent known, each oher that much, but i really like u, will u my g-g-girlfriend??

( .......................there was a short pause.)

alex: yes , i would, be your girlfriend.

zayn; thank you.(hugs alex and kisses her on her cheek).

alex: i love u zayn

zayn:i love u too babe.

(zayn became alex girlfriend and her valentine, zayn ffixed alex broken heart0

                                               THE END






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