will you be my valentine? (4 one direction contest)

Jessica is a sweet girl who has been having trouble finding her true love, she us afraid to fall in love, back in elementary school she would have some crushes, but unfortunetly none of her crushes is interested in her. she has been threw a lot since her mother died, she doesnt feel like she belongs in this world anymore. but it all changes when she finds out her crush since six grade also has feelings for her. Please comment, like and favorite this, it would mean a lot if you did. :) ( this one is for the 1D contest) ( there is a longer version of this, it's also called "will you be my valentine?" ) (if you would like me to read your short story, please tell me, because I would love to. :) in this fanfic Louis is 14 years old.


1. "i love youso much, will you be my valentine"

did you ask her out? jack asked louis. jack is a boy in my language arts class, he's some what popular consitering that he's best friends with louis tomlinson. louis is the most popular guy at school. he's very good looking. he is just so handsome, he is very funny, he can sing, he has beautiful green eyes, and has soft brown hair,  the way smiles is just amazing. ive been having a crush on him since i was in 6 grade. now im in 8 grade. and he still doesnt know i love him. i would tell hiim but im afraid he'll also reject me just like every one else. and i dont plan on telling him. you heard jack, "did you ask her out" he's taken. i suddenly start to feel tears slowly falling from my face. thats when i start to run out of the class and i go strait to the bathroom. this is the last time i get rejected. louis POV. did you ask her out? jack asked. no. i whisper.why not, he asked. im afraid jessica will reject me. i whisper. then i turn to see jessica, shes crying. then she quickly gets up and starts to run out of class. why was she crying for? only one way to find out. i slowly walk out of class. then out of no where i hear a loud noise coming from the girls bathroom. jessica's POV. i cant live like this anymore. im coming mom. i say while crying. My mom died 3 years ago in a car accident. quickly get a knife which i just stole from the cafeteria where they store them. the knife is inches away from my wrist. don't do it. i hear a familiar voice say. so i turn to see louis. why shouldn't i? i questioned. because..... i love you. then i drop the knife and burst into tears. he quickly comes up to me and gives me a huge hug. i love you, ive been loving you since i first saw you in six grade on our first day of school. he says. then he takes his hands off me. i love youso much, jessica, will you be my valentine? he asked. yes! i said, still in tears only this time there tears of joy. louis, i also have to tell you something. what is it? he asked. i have been having a huge crush on you since we where in 6 grade. i was afraid to tell you because i thought you might not like me. why wouldnt i like you, your so beautiful. he says. jessica will you be my girlfriend? he asked. yes, of course! i said. then i realise that were about to kiss he pulls me closer to him and we start to kiss passionately.

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