Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


1. love at first sight

Harry's pov:

"Harry hurry up" louis shouted as he jumped in the limo "im hurring" i shouted. I was rushing to put on my shoes then I ran to the limo "wheres Zayn?" i asked. niall laughed "where do you think? fixing his hair". "Wait up" Zayn  shouted as he was running to get in to get in the limo we talked about random stuff on the way to the interview. Liam got out first and ran in to the building because we were running late.

Liam's pov:

i hate running late so i ran in the building. the boys came a few seconds after me "Liam you dont have to hurry we not late we got here just in time" Harry said laughing. "I know" I said and we then went to get ready for the interview.  we had a half hour to get ready because we didn"t have to come in till it was halfway over but i didn't care. I like being ready on time or ahead of time, so im not late. Plus when you have to help the other lads it makes it harder to stay on time.

Harry's pov:

When I was done getting ready i was waiting for the boys to get done. I saw this girl standing alone she was beautiful. I was just about to walk up to her when a guy came up and kissed her on the lips. I stoped and went back to where i was waitting. i could not stop thinking about her i wanted to know her name. I decided to go back to talk to her but when i did she was gone. It was to late i didn't know where she went. Louis came out and said " What's wrong?" i didn't know what to say so i just said "nothing." Then the rest of the boys came out just in time, they called us up on stage we ran out and sat on down.

Louis's pov:

The interveiwer asked us questions like how are fans are like in the states, and he asked me how its like being the oldest of the band. When he asked Harry questions it seemed like he was not all their. When it was break I asked him if he was okay again he said "ya i'm fine." but i didn't belive him i told him he can tell me any thing and he said "i know" finaly the break was over and we were back on. he asked a few more qustions and then we sang kiss you. we said our goodbye's to the audience and went to get ready to go to the hotel.

 Harry's pov:

i was the first done again. So i waited and I saw her standing alone again. this time I didn't stop I walked up to her and said "hello why is a pretty girl like you standing alone" she smiled and said "im waitting for my mom to finish her job so we can go home she's a stage maneger" her eyes where brown and she had brown curly hair like me. "whats your name" i asked her."Victoria but my friends call me Tori or Vicki. i would ask you your name but i know it." she said with a beautitful smile on her face. "harry, lets go!" niall shouted "well i better go" i said sadly "wait heres my number" she said as she quickly wrote down her number and handed it to me.



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