Be My Valentine(1SHOT41D)

When my life time crush changes my world what will happen? Will we last or is it just a faint memory?


1. Valentines Day


Another day. Another boring day. It is supposed to be filled with love and happiness. But not for me. It's never going to be that way for me. Unless someone can change that.


As I walked down the hall I saw him. The guy of my dreams. Mr.Harold Edward Styles. He was amazing. Ok I need to stop dreaming. It is never going to happen. I am ugly as hell. Everyone could see that. It was so obvious. Wait! What is he doing? Harry fucking Styles was walking up to me. "Hey Jenna." I almost had a heart attack as Harry spoke in his sexy voice. "Hi Harry." I tried to hide as I said it. "So Jenna, I was wondering if you would be my valentine?" What was happening. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Ouch! I definitely wasn't dreaming. "Harry tell me. Are you fucking with me? Did your friends set you up to this?" "Jenna, why are you insecure? Do you realize how beautiful you are? Please Jenna, say yes." Wow did he just call me beautiful. "Ok fine Harry. I will be your valentine, and you will be mine." "Great! Now one more thing. Will you go out with me?" He pulled out roses and chocolates from behind his back."Oh My God! Yes Harry! Yes!" Before I could say anything else he grabbed me and kissed me. "I love you, Jenna. I have loved you for along time." I wouldn't let him say anything else. I smashed my lips into his and kissed him passionately. I guess true love is real. Harry has changed my life forever. Even if we don't last, he has still showed me what love is.


After we graduated last year we got married. We got married on Valentines Day. We now live in Holmes Chapel with our adorable baby girl Darcy Lynn Styles, but move a lot because of Harry's job. Harry joined a band called One Direction. His band is very successful. You may know them. No one knows about me and Harry. Management wants to keep it a secret. Its hard to see Harry with all of those fake girlfriends, but I trust him. I trust him because I know that he loves me and I love him.

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