The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


1. Running

 I felt my breath quicken as Jack and I ran down the darkened street as fast as we could. We had to get away.  My soggy clothes began to stick to my cold skin as the rain came crashing down. I wanted to give up. I really did. But something kept me going. It was hope. It was love. It was Jack.

                                                                                * * *

The sounds of birds chirping and the early rays of the sun woke me up from my deep slumber. I found myself cuddled by a tired- looking Jack underneath a tree. It was a willow tree. The leaves from the tree kept us hidden from the outside world which made me felt safe. The memories of the previous night came flooding back as I sat up against the tree bark. Jack slept on. So much has happened since that night.

Jack and I are not human. We are are race of people who impersonate someone who has passed away. Our looks are completely transformed and we get a completely new identity when the time comes. My name changed to Mia Wilson and Jack''s new name was Thomas Parker. I thought that I would never see him again but luck had it that we met at this formal ball. Suprisingly, the true Mia and Thomas new eachother. After the party though, everything went wrong. His parents and mine thought it was wrong to love us and they were scared of us because they were suprised at what we new. We were given the true Mia's and Thomas's memories. They couldn't believe that we could have such things. Eventually, people from the orphangae came to collect us so we had to escape. If you fail as the person that you're impersonating, you will die. We had no choice.

I let out a distressed sigh as I began to stroke Jake's blonde hair. It looked better when it was black. After a while, he began to stirr which took me by suprise. He ended up laughing but that happy grin suddenly turned into an emotionless look.
  "What's wrong?" I asked.
" I haven't laughed like that in a long time." he replied; shocked.
Thinking about it now, I haven't laughed in a while like I used to. I'm not saying that living with the Wilson's was depressing or anything but I had to force all emotions if I wanted to stay alive. Even though we are both in danger from running away, I don't fell scared; I feel relaxed.
" So what should we do? I mean, how are we going to get food and drink?" I asked eargerly; suddenly starving.
" Yes you're right, that is a problem that we will have to face at some point but there is something more importnt we need to do." Jack explained.
" We are going to see Madame Louhi." Jack said.

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