Are you going to reject me? (alex constancio loove story)

Lillianna Thompson was a normal girl from England. She had friends,she had everything. Then she finds out her cousin is Austin Mahone. and she starts to Crush on Alex. Will she get rejected by Alex? Will she reject him? Will there be some sexual stuff in this story? maybe cx...


1. But Mommy I don't want to go

Lilli's P.O.V

 "BUT MOM!!" I whined.  I didn't like this one bit. My mum was taking me out of my mum's and I's cozy cottage in England and shipping me all the way  San Antonio,Texas. I hated it. Just because she and her sister got in contact doesn't mean she should ship me off to her house so I can get to know my cousin and her better.  


 "FINE" I screamed. I was pissed. She only got in contact with her sister 3 weeks ago. And she wanted me to go all they way over there to Texas to  have some "family" time with my aunt and my cousin.  Ugh I don't want to leave I mean all my friend are here ,my family. Everything was here. 

 I sighed and  gave up. I climbed into bed.Basically the whole night I was tossing and turning, I was scared to go to the states. I wouldn't know anyone there well,besides my cousin and aunt. I turned once more before I fell into a dark abyss.   I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring "say somethin"by Austin Mahone. I didn't like him but the song was catchy. So I got up and started to dance to the song when  my mum walked in and started to laugh. 


"MOM!!!" I yelped.

"So I'm guessing you like his music" She said. 

"Ehh he is an okay singer" I said Smiling a bit. 

"Lilli you better get ready,your plan leaves at 9" She said. 


I sighed and got ready and put on this ( but the hair is black) Ya know what they say "Dress to impress". Any way after about a hour I went downstairs to find my mum and a bunch of my friends gathered around the breakfast table eating and laughing. I sighed at walked to the dinning room table and took a seat next to my friend Sam.

"LILLI"He laughed.

"SAM" I laughed.

"I'm going to miss you" He said bluntly.

 "Im miss you too" I said. 

  After about a hour of talking with my friends my mum said it was time for me to catch my flight. Everyone looked at me and started to cry. I laughed at them and said "PEOPLE I AM ONLY GOING TO BE GONE FOR 10 MONTHS". Everyone just shook their heads. Then they all grouped hugged me. I was going to miss them a lot. 10 months is along time.  I walked to the door and grabbed some of my bags a went to put them in the car.When I was done with putting my bags in the car my friends came along one by one to say bye. The last person came up to me was my friend Ethan. I smiled. He smiled back. And without any hesitation he kissed me.

"Remember Me,Thompson"he said.

"Sure thing ,Snead" I said ,smiling. 

I turned around and got into the car. My mum got into the car and started to drive to the airport.   Once we got to the gate I was suppose go to. My mum hugged me and handed me a envelope. 

"Don't look at it until you get to Texas" She said.

"I will" I said,almost in tears. 

She hugged me one last time and pecked me on both of my cheeks. When the flight attendant called my plane number. I walked to the the little desk and showed her my ticket and walked down the long dark tunnel. 


Austin's P.O.V 

I woke up to my mom calling my name from downstairs. I groaned and went back to bed. I thought I could sleep for another hour,but nope. My mom and The crew started to yell my name telling me to get up.  I groaned once again and propped myself on one of my elbows. 

"What" I groaned.

"Austin, come on we have to get your cousin from the airport"stated my mom. 

"Where is she from?" I asked,still lying in my bed.

"London"Zach,Alex,Tyler,and Robert said at the same time. 

My mom and me looked at them and raised our eyebrows. They just shrugged their shoulders. 

"Ugh fine" i said. 

With that the walked out of the bedroom so I could get changed. I just put on . We were going to wait for my cousin to come here before we go get breakfast.  I walked downstairs to find my mom at the coffee table talking on her phone. The crew was watching TV. I walked over and flopped down besides Robert. I heard Alex sigh and he said "What are the rules for your cousin?"

I laughed and said " No dating her,getting..ya know with her, No invading her privacy,No sneaking into her room, No scaring her, No calling her names and all that stuff"

 "but what is-"started Zach

"Nope" I said.

  They all sighed and resumed watching the TV. Then after Ten minutes my mom got of the phone and announced that we had to go pick my cousin up.  We all got up and started to walk to the door when my mom started to laugh. We all turned our heads to her and giving her a puzzled look. She  shook her head and stood by the door waiting for us to exit the door so she could lock the door.  We walked to the car  and go inside. 

  Alex's P.O.V

 "Austin,What's your cousin's name?" I asked him.

"To be honest I don't know,Mom what's my cousin's name?" Austin asked his mom.

"Well your Cousin is a girl and her name is Lillianna.She goes bye Lilli"said Mama Mahone. 

"That's a really pretty name" I said.

"Don't get any ideas" Everyone said that was in the car. 


I hope you like this. I tried really hard. please leave a comment... and I need one person to be austin's GF.. So comment if you want to also she will be my bestie in this story

~Love Lilli xo  

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