The Magic Pen

Lily-Ann inherits a rather normal looking pen from her grandmother, who recently passed away. Lily-Ann isn't very keen on writing however she loves to draw but when she decides to use her new pen to create a master piece something spectacular happens!


1. The Funeral

Lily-Ann was dressed all in black; she was going to her Granny's funeral. The eight year old girl had been very closed to her dear Granny, Violet, and she had been extremely upset a few days before however today she was looking forward to celebrating Violet's life. They would be having sandwiches afterwards, with the crusts cut off just how her Granny had liked them, music would be played and the whole family would have time to remember the great times they had shared with Violet. Even though Lily-Ann was looking forward to it, she was still nervous about it, she had never been to a funeral before and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Her dad had talked her through the day and she new that people would be crying but she also new this was the day that she could talk about Granny the day when it was okay to let her emotions flow.

After breakfast, the whole family got into the car and they started to drive towards the small village church. Nobody said a word as they sat in the car however Julie (Lily-Ann's mum) had turned on the radio to the classical channel, something they would never usually listen to.

The church was getting busy as Lily-Ann and her family drove into the church car park. Lily-Ann's brother, Thomas, suddenly let out a stream of tears so Lily- Ann put her arm around his shoulders and they walked toward the church. The Vicar welcomed everyone into the church and Lily Ann sat down at the front. 

She could tell it was going to be an emotional day.

As she got up to leave, Lily-Ann wiped away her tears and put on a brave smile as she thought back to the Sunday her Granny had taken to church and how she new in her heart that her Granny was with her that day in the church. Her mum held onto her hand and they started to walk towards the car. And they all started to drive towards the village hall.

Talking to the rest of her family made Lily-Ann's smile real. No one left that hall without tears of joy in their eyes and a big smile across their face, Violet had left everyone with the happiness she had always shared.


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