No Valentine for me?

(This is my entry for the 1D Valentine's day competition. Hope you all enjoy it :D )


1. Bad Weather

I trudged through the mud, eyes burning from a downpour of rain. Each step i took brought more mud flying up my black school trousers and splattering my jumper so that i looked a mess. I was walking home from school, battling the elements as it seemed. The worst storm had begun with rain destroying anything it hit on. Leaves were bounding off tree branches, falling to their death and animals burrowed deep into the ground in an attempt to flee the onslaughter of water-based artilary.

Earlier today the sun shone as brightly as ever. The birds sang out joyfully and everything was tranquill. Now it was the opposite. The early weather reflected the day in fact. Today was Valentine's day, a joyous time for many girl who squealed with pleasure when their boyfriends gave them great baskets of chocolate and jewellery. Not for me though. Never have i received a Valentine's day card, never have i even dated anyone. So like many other single people, i spent the day moaning and groaning about the affection couples showed for each other on a dedicated day that still half the population hasn't got the priviledge to celebrate.

After lunch when all had given their gifts however, the weather took a turn for the worst. Gale force winds twisted little girls' hair into great big knots and parents hurried their children out of school early to avoid the worst of the storm that i happened to later be caught up in.

I rushed my way back home not looking in any direction but focusing on the path for guidance. My cheeks burned and my breath felt icily cold. I felt for my gloves, hands numb and red. I grasped one tightly, shoving it onto my hand. I felt for the other but it wasn't there. I stopped to look for the glove where i stood but it wasn't there. I looked back the way i'd come and sat just there on the edge of the path was my glove.

I power walked my way there, fighting against the torrent of wind cascading droplets of rain over my face and painfully into my eyes. I was just on my way to grabbing the glove when BANG. I bashed into another figure, catching me off balance. I fell back onto the concrete, my hand resting on top of my other glove.

"I'm so sorry, let me help you" A husky, male, Irish voice said. It sounded similar but how could it. I didn't know anyone who was Irish.

I let the guy pick me up; i felt too weak to push him away. He grabbed my glove from the floor and handed it to me. I looked from his hand, following his arm until my eyes reached his face and i stopped dead.

"I'm so so sorry, i didn't see you there. The weather really is bad isn't-" He stopped, staring at my eyes that were wide and intense-looking.

"Is everthing alright..." He said unevenly.

"Your N..Ni..Niall Horan!" I almost screamed. I beamed up at him and he gave back a sly smile, showing his full set of braces.

"What are you doing here?" It was England but nowhere near London, so why would he be walking around a place like this; in the middle of the countryside?

"I needed a break to explore the area..."

"In this weather?"

"I didn't pick a very good day..." He sighed and gave a small chuckle. His hand moved from his side and reached behind the nape of his neck.

"You don't fancy going out for a bite do you? I was just going to go to Nandos and meet with Ed and the boys but i'd like it if you came...also it's a good way to say sorry"

"But i was the one to bump into you!"

"But i knocked you over, so what do you say, you wanna come?"

Despite the thundering rain tearing at my clothes and the wind twisting my hair violently, i chose to go with Niall. I was a mess. But if Niall didn't think there was anything wrong with me in this state, then i'd be fine to go in public places like Nandos without worrying about what anyone else thought. After all, i was spending Valentine's day with One Direction

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