I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (1SHOT41D)

When Maddy is left heartbroken on Valentines Day, it seems like she wont be experiencing her first romantic Valentines Day after all, well thats what she thought.


1. Giving All His Heart


Maddy's P.O.V

"I don't understand?" I managed to say to Josh.

"Maddy I don't feel the same about you anymore and I think I should go before this gets worse. I'm sorry Maddy I really am." Josh replied giving me a rose before walking down the steps of my house. Today is Valentines Day and Josh, my first serious boyfriend, has just broke up with me when he was meant to be picking me up for our dinner date. I was left standing on the porch in my tight black dress watching Josh walk away. I didn't want to sit at home and wait for Darcie to get back from her date so I grabbed my bag and slammed the door behind me.

Why today? Why on Valentines Day? The one day of the year your not meant to worry about anything but how much that person loves you. To show that person that you do care, that you love them with every ounce of your body, mind, heart and spirit. But no, Josh had to do the opposite. He had to tell me how he didn't feel anything for me, how he lost those feelings that he told me he had. Anger and sadness mixed into one feeling to produce this emotion more dangerous then any other.

With my fists clenched and tears making marks down my face, I turned off my street onto the main road to be greeted with massive hearts strung from windows and lights down the street. I forced my eyes down to my level which didn’t help as I was meet by happy couples giving each other gifts, laughing, smiling, hugging, lovingly looking at each other and kissing passionately.

I pushed open the door to the nearest take-away, KFC. I walked up to the counter watching the tiles on the ground until I made it to the counter to order my usual.

"Um are you okay?" I heard a husky voice say from beside me ask.

"I will be." I said looking up giving a small smile. I was going to look away straight away but I was caught up in the green eyes observing me.

"I don’t mean to sound cheesy but seriously why is a beautiful girl like you alone, crying on Valentines Day?" he asked genuinely. Should I tell him? I mean it seems like I could trust him.

"Oh basically my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, broke up with me about an hour ago." I said letting the frustration out with every word I said. His eyes widened in disbelief.

"I can't even imagine doing that. Oh I'm Harry by the way." He smiled showing his dimples. That’s when I started noticing more of him. He was taller than me with brown curly hair. His eyes were breath-taking and his lips were pink and looked soft, making him look kissable, yet his dimples made him look child-like.

"Maddy." I replied smiling a smile that wasn’t forced.

"Maddy how about I make your Valentines from horrible to perfect?" Harry looking into my eyes. I was frozen unable to talk. I wanted to say yes but his eyes had some control over me, like they were staring straight through me finding any valuable information about me.

"All you have to do is trust me." he said not taking an eye off me but offering his hand. I didn’t say a word I just took his hand. Harry grabbed both our meals before leading me out the door


We arrived at a park nearby. It was lit by a few light post scattered around. I'm sure to many it looked dark and gloomy but to myself it looked romantic, having that specials persons face lit by a small shimmering light almost symbolizes the hope you have for the relationship or the light that guided you towards them saying 'I will love you as much as you love me just take a chance'. Harry lead me over to a dimly lit area of the park underneath a willow tree. The ground was laid with soft, lush grass. I sat down expecting Harry to sit beside me immediately, instead I was shocked as he put down the food and walked off.

Why had I trusted him so easily? He has just left me here? I sighed and leant against the tree closing my eyes stopping the tears from streaming down my face. My eyes shot up as I heard a branch snap. I was relieved to see Harry walking back with a smile on his face.

"Happy Valentines beautiful." harry said leaning down and kissing me on the cheek before pulling a bunch of freshly picking flowers from behind his back making me gasp.

"Oh Harry they are beautiful. So that’s what you went and got?" I asked before smelling them as Harry nodded in reply.


The noise in the street had gone by now indicating that it was probably early in the morning.

"Thank you Harry for everything." I said gently holding his hand.

"No, thank you Maddy for the best Valentines I've ever had." Harry replied squeezing my hand. Again I was in a trance from the beautiful green eyes belonging to the curly haired boy, but this time I was not interrupted by his voice but his lips. The soft pink lips I was not long ago imagining the feel of them pressed against mine, were now pressed against mine. Without a second thought I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back.

"I'll walk you home." Harry whispered as our foreheads touched after the kiss we shared.


"Goodnight Harry, I'll text you later." I said turning at my door. Harry walked up and kissed me quickly.

"Happy Valentines Maddy." He husky whispered in reply. I unlocked the door not taking my eyes off him until I had shut the door behind me. I couldn’t believe the events of the night no matter how much I wanted to, it somehow felt like a dream. I looked at my phone as it vibrated allowing me to know I had received a text.

'I know this is short notice but I would love to take you out again tomorrow?- H x'

The text from Harry allowed me to realise it wasn’t a dream, but a fairy-tale in real life.

 He really made me forget about everything. Maybe it was his eyes, or his smile, the dimples or even his laugh. But I know for sure that his heart is was I wanted. The heart that made him care that someone like me was upset, the heart that made him care about how I was feeling. But mostly the heart that belonged to the curly-haired boy I was falling for more and more time I spent with him or thinking about him.

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