Engulfed memories


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CHAPTER 1: By Angie 43 "Mrs. Anderson was dead." In I was the cause of it. If only she knew not to cut herself infront of Me. Then she would still be living. Atleast I think! How she cut herself; the blood it was extrucinating. I couldnt control myself. It was all to much to handle at once. I had to leave and fast but where? That's the thing I didn't know atleast yet . So without a dout I ran to my car. Outside of the car windows,lush green trees flashed by at incredible speeds. I fought back and forth in my mind with the monster as I sat in the car, driving as fast as I could. I remember the scent, the rich sweet aroma of her thin but old wrinkle skin, her throat. I had to leave this town and fast. My car was going about 75 miles an hour at the very least. I came to two turns one that's said wuthering heights just ahead and one that had forks 1,050 miles ahead. I took the shortest one Which looks to be wuthering heights. Maybe I should backup a bit. My names Grace. Grace campbell! I have no friends or mother. In I have been 17 for the past 100 year as I can remember. Everyday I feel them erge to go back to the it happened. The day I got bit. The day I died. I can remember it all like a book that's still unwritten and that is waiting to have a conclusion. In I am that conclusion. >.< FLASHBACK >.< "Skye where are you? I'm done playing hide in seek." I yelled hopping for an answer back. Skye was my best friend in will always be my best friend. Since kindergarden when I had dropped my juice box in she gave me hers . Untill Now I would love to call her my sister,best friend, my family;but and this problem I hated her a lot for leaving me and the woods to die. I know what you are Thinking the woods out of all places we can play hide in seek? Yep we we're some dumb 17 year olds. "Skye." I yelled one more time. Oh this is great I'm going to die. "I need to tell you something!" Skye said coming out of nowhere in scaring the mess out of Me. ''Tell me what? What is it? I said smiling. "I'm not. What you think I am ." "You are exactly what I think you are, your my Bestie." "No I'm not I'm a vampire." She said her eye turning a different color. After she said that I Just burst out laughing. She was hilarious. I couldnt help myself. "Its not funny nothings got damn funny."she said her eyes completely different from before. They were blue before, Now there sparkling red. "Skye why are you telling me this and what's wrong with your eyes?" I asked backing up from her. "I'm telling you this because I'm leaving and not coming backup. I can't control my thirst. Did you cut yourself? She asked. I don't know let me check." Looked on my arm there was a big cut on there." Yep guess I did I said looking at her. "Grace........ we can't be friends anymore. I need blood. I'm gonna bite you!" After she said that i took off; but somehow she had them speed to catch up with me. With that she pushed me to the ground,grabbed me by my arm and bit me. "Why were the last words I manage to. Get in beforethe pain started to kick in. It hurt like hell. "Because you need to stop being a bitch about it . In face it I was never yourfriend in them first place. I was only being your friend and kindergarden because I thought you were weird. Bye grace . With that she dissappered. I never saw skye after that day but them words she said to me replayed and my head over and over. >.< END OF FLASHBACK >.< Clearing my mind. I looked out the window. I was at my NEW HOME.
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