Him... Just Him

Megan meets 1D... and Harry isn't what she thought...


1. Chap.1


~Megan's P.O.V.~
I Wake Up For Another Day Of School. Eyes Red. Cried Myself To Sleep Again. Look At My Wrist Fresh Cuts From Last Night. Great.
Mom: Megan Hurry Up We Gotta Go!!!
Me: Okay! Almost Ready!
I Put This On [polyvore]
I Run Down The Steps Grabbing My Backpack. Screaming For My Sister To Hurry Up So We Won't Be Late For School. Typical School Day.
Me: Justine!!!! Mom!!! Come On!!!! 
I Run Into Passenger Seat Of Our Car. Waiting For Them To Come Out. I Turn The Radio On And What Makes You Beautiful Started. I Sang Along Singing Every Word Not One Error.
Justine: Oh My God Megan Be Quiet!!
We Got To School Finally! I Walk In To The High School Not Wanting To Go To My Locker Knowing Caitlin Will Be There Waiting For Me. I Got To My Locker See That Caitlin Isn't There. But My Friend Kassandra Is. I Start Telling Her About What Happened Over The Weekend.
Me: Kassandra Me And My Mom And Step-Dad Were Having A Fire WithOut My Younger sister She Finally Got A Friend!!
Kassandra: Wow That's Cool.. I Went And Met Jared *Her Boyfriend* At The Park And My Sister Told my Mom And We Got Caught! Me: OhMyGod Really! Woww!!!!!
Then The Bell Rang. First Class History. Great!
~After School~
My Friend Martin. He Said If I Cut Again He'll Cut Too. I Can't Stand Seeing People Sad Or Hurt Them Selves Because Of 
Me. Great Now I'm Going To Have To Lie To Him. 
I Just Got Enough Money For A One Direction Concert That's In July. Saved It All Myself. 
It's The Last Week Of School. Monday June 4th. 
I Get Home Do My Usual Day Things. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Check The Clock It's 11:30. Time For Bed. Great.
~July 15th~
It's 4 Days Before The One Direction Concert. I'm Staying At A Hotel. The Same Hotel As One Direction. I Can Hear The Fans Singing Up All Night. 
*Knock On The Door*
Me: Hello!!?!
Person: Uhm Hello Can You Get The Door?
Me: Sure Hold On!
*I Answer The Door*
Me: He-Hello Niall
Niall: I See You're A Fan?
Me: Yea Buddi.. May I Ask Why You're Here At My Hotel Room?
Niall: The Other Lads Fell Asleep And I Was Told By Hotel Manager You Had An Extra Bed And That You Wouldn't Freak Out.
Me: Oh Yes I Have An Extra Bed. And You Mean Out Of All 58 Other Rooms I'm The Only One Who Wouldn't Freak Out?
Niall: Yes I'll Be Right Back Got To Leave A Note For The Lads! Telling Them What Room I'll Be In!
Me: Okay Door Will Be Unlocked. Hurry Though! 
Niall: Okay! And What's Your Name??
Me: Megan 
Niall: Okay Thanks Megan!!
*He Gives Me A Quick Smile And Runs To The Room Down The Hall*
~20 Minutes Later~
Niall Just Got Here. He's Texting Harry. Harry Woke Up When Niall Was Leaving. 
Me: This Is Unbelievable!
Niall: What Is Megan?
Me: You Are In My Hotel Room! 
Niall: Oh.. Do You Got Any Food Or Can I Order Room Service?
Me: Phone's Over There.... Order 3 Pizzas And Some Chicken For Me Please!! 
Niall: Is That A Joke? Some One Skinny Like You And Is A Girl Can Eat All That????
Me: Mhmm! I've Been Eating That Much Since I Was 11!!
Niall: Okay How About You Share That With Me?
Me: Sure. I'll Pay Though .
Niall: No Megan I'll Pay Since I'm The One Calling
Me: Okay
~10 Minutes Later We Just Finished Eating~
I'm In A Hotel Room With Niall. Niall James Horan. The One And Only. I Can't Believe This. I Walk Into The Bathroom. Change Into Pjs.
Me: Night Niall
Niall: Night Megan I'll Turn My Laptop Off After I Finish Tweeting!
*He Finishes and My Phone Goes Off*
Niall: Megan Your Phone Went Off.
Me: I Know Some One From One Direction Tweeted Probably.
Niall: Yea I Did.
Me: Oh Crap I So Forgot You Were Niall From One Direction. Wow You Don't Seem Like It.
Niall: Hmm Some Girl Tweeted Me Saying "Night Niall See You In The Morning(:" Her Twitter Name Is @HStylesOrLPayne
Me: OhMyCarrot That's Me. Haha Wow!
Niall: Well I Just Followed You And Tweeted Saying Everyone Follow My New Best friend Megan!
Me: Awe That's Niall Night!
Niall: Night Beautiful!
~Next Day~
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